A suggestion on how to bridge the gap between the content and gameplay for league

I think there is an issue currently where the hype people have after watching a video or reading a champion story doesn't match up with their experience playing the game. A certain amount of visual flair has to be removed from the game to maintain competitive integrity. I get that that's League's defining feature that people like and I'm fine with that. But I was wondering if there was a way to introduce some of that visual flair after the game. With replays being a thing, I would like to see a re-rendered highlight clip you could get after the game, it doesn't have to be long, only 10 seconds, and can be rendered by the user's computer, if that's slow it doesn't matter it's not needed urgently. This clip would be a highlight from the game, but instead of the default graphics, the graphics could be redone to be as high resolution as is wanted, there could be a third, or even first person view, spells or autos that don't affect you as the subject of the video can be faded to highlight only what affects you. The end result is, something that reminds you of a music video, a really high quality, visually appealing clip, but that you can go, oh damn, that's me. I know there are difficulties with masses of new asset and animation work being needed by Riot, but personally I think it would be worth it to have the satisfaction of seeing your gameplay through a new lens.
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