Team skins

Why does Riot always make them significantly worse than most skins. Looking at the new SKT skins that are on lol leak while some of them like Elise and Sivir, in my opinion, look quite nice; the Ryze skin is appauling. No attempt to even try to make it look like they did more than just change the base skin. And it's like that for alot of them and i honestly see no reason why. The team skins should represent that Riot is a thriving business that has millions of active players and huge fan base that wants to watch and buy skins for the teams they support and yet what we get is a different name for the base skin with a few colour changes. Now i'm not expecting a DJ Sona level skin but a bit of effort would be nice to see and i'm sure would be appreciated by the community. It'd be nice to skin that's actually worth playing in a game like why would you pick SKT Zed over Project or Shockblade; why would you pick Fnatic Corki over Dragonwing. I understand that it's subjective for each person and is cheaper but still surely it wouldn't be hard to put confetti on Renektons ult or to change the colour/symbols on Ryze and the list of suggestions and easily fixable adaptations to the skins goes on that really aren't hard to do.
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