Champion Idea: Amadeus The Maestro of chaos

Story _Chaos magic is a bit of an oddity kind of a Pandoras box of magic. It seems powerful on the surface but the price that comes with it might as well be the equivalent to all the evils of the world. A summoner named Amadeus went searching for the true source of this magic, went mad and was never heard from ever again. Until villages were found filled with people who killed each other its unknown what caused their deaths its simply as if chaos itself was written into their minds to forcefully rip each-other's throats out with their bare hands, even so far as to go and kill children in their cribs. This horror was displayed everywhere for the world to see for the Maestro had begun his work creating the song that would drive the world into the same chaos. _ He plays as an offensive support. Passive: Discordant notes When Amadeus casts a spell he leaves a slowing field of 300 units at his location, he can have a maximum of three. They slow 25% of both movement speed and attack speed of enemies inside of them. _Using the dark entropy of chaos the world itself unravels at his beck and call. Use this passive carefully as positioning is key._ Q: Radial Discharge Upon activation Amadeus is locked facing a targeted direction while charging up a powerful attack. Upon recast or after 6 seconds he will release a beam of energy that damages all enemies in its wake. _Note that discordant notes will create a zone when he first casts this ability and after the attack has been released._ W: Ballad of Octavia He heals himself and his closest ally within 400 units over 5 seconds the healing increased based on missing health. If Amadeus is at full hp when he uses this ability he also causes his next three basic attacks to have additional range and deal bonus magical damage. _This allows Amadeus to keep his allies alive while also punishing his enemies_ E: To Fortissimo Amadeus dashes to target ally before releasing a wave around him that damages enemies and pushes them away. If the ally he dashed to had a crowd control effect placed on them then the ability will deal additional damage and silence knocked back enemies. _A simple tool to aid with disengaging Amadeus can turn a prickly situation into mere nonsense_ R: Salieri my Rival Amadeus creates a zone around himself within 900 units that provides a powerful effect to all enemies that enter this area. It causes them to receive a damage over time buff and inflicts them with madness causing the spells they cast to increase the damage over time effects duration and increases the duration of crowd control placed on them by one second. This field lasts for 10 seconds and the debuff for 5 seconds. An enemy can't be inflicted with this more than once over its duration. _Be careful around this field as even the most tenacious of champions will find this attack crippling. _
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