tips for getting out of silver?

I know some people may find it easy to say if you cant get out of silver you belong there but last year i peaked at plat 4 got over confident played champs i didnt nknow and dropped to gold 3. But this year climbing out of silver feels like a challenge again. I get a lot of people giving up too early or playing champs they dont know so it makes the game a lot harder. I noticed people play the game like its a normal game. I find when people play a late game comp and lose early they give up and demand a FF@20 which i dont get. i also find that because a lot of people just see people do well on a build/champ they then play it without knowing what makes it good they can give too many easy kills. I also see a people AFK/RQ way too much in silver elo too i know it happens in all elos but i think in silver it happens more siomply because of it being low down the ladder and people arent committed to climbing as much. I know people will say just L2Carry but having a few people who just arent as good as the team feels just as difficult as having an AFK.. So has anyone got any tips? Ive tried hardly CSing and just roam/gank a lot ive tried Farm for late game but then people giveup so ive tried early game self snowball but i find my team just wants to get as much kills so they chase... Not all games are thge same and i do win but majority of the time its mainly a loss...
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