Champion: Aliza the eye of Abyss

All credit goes to Angel Huerta, I am just submitting this design to see whether we can make this cool design into a champion Well u all know we have been New champs coming out like mages , jungle champs but this time we need to release something big like a tank. This is a idea of what she looks like - 2)Her moves: link under this text Q) W) E) R) 3)Her Abillity is Blizzard rage as she gains power by attacking just like shyvana when she gains a 100points of blizzard rage she activate het R and it has 150 secs cool down her R 4)This is the tricky part u know how gnar has normal moves and then when he transforms she can manipulates stronger and powerful moves, basically with her R the creature she summons she manipulates the creatures to do the same moves as her but stronger and much more powerful I think this a good concept and should be admitted But one thing her w might be bad so give me your feedback
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