Star Guardians Male team

Yes yes, i know what you are probally going to say : "MORE SG SKINS? ARE YOU CRAZY? WE DONT NEED IT, GIVE ME THE PROJECT LINE OR BLALALAALA" and i think that we have SG skins enough, but we need to agree, its a cool skin line with great potential ( storyline and making money). We have 2 groups of SG of mostly girls (we have ezreal now, so i liked the idea of having a male group). I found this images on internet and i really liked how the characters look and i though i should share this (the pictures aren't mine) : (malzahar, talon, varus, kayn and ekko) I found this another SG Female skins together, they could be the survivors of an other group of SG that got destroyed by the monsters : (taliyah, ashe and caitlyn) Now an image of SG Taliyah and Ekko, in other versions ( I like more this one tbh) Thanks for reading <3 {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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