The Blade & And The Gun Fan Fiction

The Blade and the Gun **Chapter One - Aphae Water Falls ** Drops of dew dipped of the leaves, as the blind monk walked through the brush. following the sound of rushing water, he made his way towards the top of a gushing waterfall. Not far before where the water poured into the lake below was several rocks, the monk was fond of using these rocks to train the balance and agility. He gradually got closer to the rocks but another sound caught his attention he quickly realised he was not alone as he normally was, the sound was that of a xiao flute, the tune played was harmonious to the flow of the water and the chirping of birds, it sounded like a classic song of the Maria tribe or perhaps that of the Lhotlans, “I will need to ask the monks back at the monastery what this tune is from when I return” he thought to himself, gently humming along to memorise the tune for later studying. He decided to investigate further perhaps the Flautist would be willing to tell him where it was from, it would certainly save him having to explain every tiny details back at the monastery to be documented. He made his way through the foliage quietly following the beautiful sound. The song comes to an abrupt halt, “strange no one could have heard me approaching surely I was as quiet as a Vulkodalks stalking its prey... granted they are really tall even they slip up sometimes” he muttered under his breath. The monk feels a gust of wind blow past him skimming the side of his ear followed by the cold edge of a blade gently pressed against his neck “who are you? And why do you track me” the stranger whispers clearly into the monks ear “ I am lee sin,” he raises his hands above his head “Monk of the Hirana Monastery. Who are you?” He responded with a clear unwavering voice. “My name is not important.” The stranger muttered under his breath, “but you are clearly not one of the people hunting me.” “Hunting you?” Lee sin interrupted “why would anyone hunt you?” “Because I am accused of a crime I did not commit and I will not rest until the true murder is brought to justice by my sword or that of my once friends” the man lowered his blade from lee sins throat. “I have heard a tale of people hunting many men for murder but there is one man that springs to my mind.” Lee paused for a moment and took a breath, “Yasuo.” The stranger quickly raised his blade and pressed it firmly against lee sins belly “how do you know my name?” “They tells tales of yasuo a man who mastered the long forgotten art of the wind technique.” Lee sin smiled slowly lowering his hands, “I felt a cold wind slice past my ear which I assume was one of your techniques before you raised this blade to my throat.” A impressed yet cautious smile spread across yasuo’s face this monk was observant normally people do not even notice that breeze. “You can lower your blade I sense the truth to your words and have no intention of sharing your where abouts” Lee sin said with a relaxed smile “How do I know I can trust you?” Yasuo said releasing some of the pressure of his sword against the monks belly. “I may be able to give you knowledge on how to find the truth of what happened that night you abandoned your post.” Lee sin raised his hands again but his reflex’s were on peak in case of things getting nasty “Tell me more.” Yasuo lowered his blade returning it to his sheath. “Please” Lee sin let out a sigh of relief “Walk with me” he said heading down towards to lake. Yasuo followed the tension slowly lifted the air as they brushed past trees and brambles. Yasuo watched lee sin feeling a sense of feeling rather impressed at how smoothly lee navigated his way through the foliage without making a sound or bumping into anything despite his lack of sight.  The pair sat down beside the lake. Blossom gently fell from a nearby tree. Some of the blossom fell into the water, Yasuo carefully scooped them out and put them in his pocket maybe he could use these later... “You wish to know the truth?” Lee spoke “Of course I have made it my life’s mission to discover the truth no matter what the cost...” Yasuo declares  “I used to travel with a man called urdyr he came from the frozen north the freilord.” “I have heard of the land” Yasuo interrupted bluntly Lee sin sighed, he wasn’t overly keen on being interrupted, “he told me stories of a Viking warrior who had traveled to a place called bilgewater during the black mist they call it the harrowing, the most comes from the shadow isles once supposed to have been blessed with beauty, magic and immense knowledge” Yasuo listened carefully hoping the monk was going somewhere with this tale “When he was over there he met a woman they call Miss Fortune, she was heading to the truth bearers home perhaps this truth bearer could grant you the knowledge you need to find inner peace. Though you should know to find the truth you will need to face a battle one that not all men survive a test of sorts.” Lee sin placed a hand on Yasuos shoulder, “go to bildgewater and seek out the lady they call Miss Fortune.” Lee sin then rises to his feet with a question of his own, “that song which tribe is it from?” “Honestly friend I do not know I found the music written on this sheet of paper stuck in a tree a memorised it long ago” Yasuo pulls a sheet of paper from his pocket, “take it as thanks” Lee sin gracefully took the paper giving a respectful nod before he headed back up towards his original destination, determined to get his training done even if it was a little late. Yasuo lifted himself of the ground and decided to head to a place he knew could reach bildgewater from, The Temple of the Jagged Knife. The temple is controlled by a Order Shadows. Yasuo has heard tales of how a pirate from bilgewater had once piliged the temple, surely here would be a good place to set sail for bilgewater. **Chapter Two - The Inn ** Yasuo has heard all about how a nortorius pirate from bilgewater had ransacked the Temple of the Jagged Knife it was situated along the coast line of Ionia, the temple has a small dock close by there was surely a ship to be “borrowed” there. Yasuo was not one for stealing but with many people hunting him he could hardly go to the ports and rent a ship. As Yasuo traveled he realised he would need a Crewe the ship he was going to take was certainly not a one man ship he would need a navigator , someone to help with the sails and someone who knew how to maintain the ship the lady thing he wanted was for the damn thing to sink...  Yasuo sat for a moment trying to figure out where he could find people to help him, it wasn’t like he could ask the people of the temple he was going to rob to help him, he had heard story’s of the man who leads them and how anyone who refuses to embrace the forbidden shadow techniques would meet only death, Yasuo was a skilled warrior and he believed he could easily take the master of shadows as he knew the wind was by his side, but a battle against a order like that was not the way to go he already was being hunted by his brothers and sisters the last thing he needed was vengeful shadows hunting him down also. “There are many inns on the way to the Temple perhaps I will find a couple of people there who would be willing to help me for promise of coin.” Yasuo thought to himself” the next inn was about two hours away by foot and it was quite a popular one, if he was lucky there was a chance a traveling horse merchant would be there. A horse would certainly make getting to the temple a lot easier as the temple is about 3 days away by foot, easily walkable for Yasuo but of the sooner he can set of the better. “Finally made it” Yasuo thought to himself as he swung open the door to the inn, inside was 3 groups of people the first group appeared to be merchants, the second was a couple two vastayans of the Lhotlan tribe a rare site usually they were quite reclusive people and mistrusting of humans instead the pair was sat at a table one eating chocolate the other looking a tad annoyed but at the same time happy, the third group was a group that looked like they could be of use for Yasuo they were wearing typical sea faring garments sat around a table drinking ale. There was 4 of them 3 men and a woman. Yasuo ordered a drink at the bar paying for a room to rest in that night while he was there he took a seat in the corner not far from the group that had caught his eye, he looked out of the window as he necked half of his pint in one safe I say he was feeling thirsty. “Urgh I can’t believe they stole our ship” one man said running his hands through his red hair. “Get over it already it’s been a month” another responded “Pfttt I don’t know how much longer I can stand to be on land the ocean calls me” the red hair man continued his drunken rant “We have our savings as long as we keep up selling our loot we will have a new ship in no time” the woman said flicking her fringe away from her eyes Yasuo heard all he needed to know these people were his best bet at getting to bilgewater, if they could be trusted... Yasuo pulled his chair over to their table. “I couldn’t help over hearing your predicament and I think I have a proposition that might help all of us.” The group looked up at Yasuo the one man who had said nothing all evening decided to speak on behalf of his friends. “Eavesdropping is rather rude do you not think?” “I apologise but you need a ship do you not?” “Yes... do you have one?” “Well I know where you can get one but you it wouldn’t be easy possibly even a bit dangerous.” “So what are you proposing exactly?” “You come with me to the Temple of the Jagged Knife, we take the ship in its dock, then we sail to bilgewater. You can keep the ship and any treasures on board in exchange for safe passage there and back.” The group looked at each other half looking excited the other half concerned. “You mean steal from a man who can disappear leaving his shadow to stab you in the back?” One of the men said within a raised eyebrow wondering if the man before him was in something though the woman sat next him jumped to her feat, “what are we waiting for?! Let’s go get this ship!” The woman raced outside, followed by the red haired man the other two simply shook their heads, “we don’t even know your name.” “My name is Yasuo what about you 4?” “The lady who ran off just then is called Lhamo, the man with red hair is Gyatso this is Dorjee and I am Yeshe.” Dorjee spoke up “I suppose we best make sure the wagon is ready we can set of at first light.” Yasuo left the inn to help his new found acquaintances meanwhile across the room someone else had been eves dropping. “Rakan.” Said the vastayan her body alert “Hm?” Rakan lifted his head putting his chocolate down reluctantly, “what is it Mieli? “Those humans are headed to the Temple of the Jagged Knife” “Hm they don’t look like the type interested in shadows what would they want there?” “A boat” xayah responded, “perhaps them stealing this boat could prove a good distraction for us to get close to Zed” “I thought we already had a mission?” Rakan said confused “That mission can wait.” Xayah declared, “this is a opportunity we may not get again” Rakan nodded. **Chapter Three - Temple of the Jagged Knife** “Question, Yeshe what is the plan for Lunar and Star?” Lhamo asked as they stoped by a lake for the horses to get a drink “Don’t worry about them Lunar knows her way home and Star will follow her mother like she always does,” Yeshe super out a small laugh, “ah the amount of times this old gal has been sat out side a tavern and then when I’ve come out I’ve been so drunk I just about pass out in the saddle, she’s always managed to find her way back to wherever I was spending the night be it a inn or a camp site” he reached out to pet Lunars neck, “You will be just fine won’t you gal, you will head back of to my sisters farm and pester that old stallion just like you always do when I go of to sea” Yasuo smiled the bond between this man and his horse was certainly something. Gyatso had set up a fire to cook some meat they had packed they weren’t far from the temple now he wanted to make sure everyone’s strengths were up he had a feeling a fight was going to break out, though he hoped nothing huge. “Alright guys so here’s the plan,” yas called out urging everyone to gather round” he used a stick to draw in the dust a small map of where they were now and the rout they would take to the dock, “If we take this route it shouldn’t be to heavyily guarded we should be able to get to the dock undetected, with some luck we can sneak up on whoever is guardian the ship knock them out and take of with the ship.” “So we go on foot here carrying what we can without ending up putting ourselves at risk of a fight breaks out” added Lhamo “Everyone have their weapons ready? Guns loaded and blades sharpened?” Asked Gyatso, everyone nodded their heads reaching for their weapons of choice for Gyatso it was a cutlas for Lhamo a pistol, Yeshe a rifle and for Dorjee a odd looking saw. Yeshe untacked the horses then gave them a look they both understood, no words were needed as they headed back the way they had came. Yasuo led the group down a narrow windy trail quickly knocking out any of Zeds men he saw with the jolt of his sword, the group didn’t need to raise their weapons even once they were in awe at how smoothly Yasuo subdued the guards and was at the dock a lot faster than they had anticipated. The group hid behind some crates and counted 4 Men in black robes their eyes glowing red.  There was no way they could take one of them out without another seeing their guard posts were strategically placed so they could all see each other’s backs, this wasn’t going to be easy. Yasuo looked around for whatever tool the men would use to signal others incase of trouble, after scanning the area Yasuo spotted a bell all he had to do was take out the guard next to it cut the string with his blade so they can’t call for help and take out the rest, “piece of cake” he thought to himself. “ACHOOO” Lhamo let out a sneeze immediately alerting the guards to their position, Yasuo rolled his eyes  pulling a throwing knife from his belt. He stood up and flung the knife slicing the rope of the bell, “no cure for fools he thought to himself dashing to the nearest enemy, "Sorye ge ton!” He cut the first man down swiftly the rest quickly charged at Yasuo, the group quickly assembled behind him weapons at the ready, though Yasuo would rather take them on his own, he had faith in himself and his blade. He quickly dispatched of the rest of the guards all but one that is, Yeshe shot the last on with his gun while covering Yasuo, a loud boom echoed throughout the cliffs. Suddenly torches lit up in the distance and a bell started to ring. They heard shouting in the distance, “safe to say we better be setting sail Gyatso announced as he and the others headed for the ship. Yasuo pauses for a moment taking a deep breath before running to the ship, the Crewe bellowed out orders everyone pulling their weight to get the ship going. The sound of a hundred men charging down the hill certainly got them moving faster. The foot steps got louder within seconds the men would be at the docks the ship was ready to sail but with one issue... “The wind is not strong enough!” Gyatso shouted, the ship was moving but no where near fast enough to get them away from the dock in time.  “Choryon!!!” Yasuo gathered all of his strength to send a wind strong enough to get them away from the docks, a couple of zeds men managed to leap onto the ship as it left the shore they threw out smoke bombs at the Crewe, but yas reacted faster than they could throw creating a wind wall to bounce the bombs into the water below, he then charged at the men sending a gust of air at them knocking them up into the air he then jumped at them sword raised, both men were sliced with the same blow and then kicked into the water. The Crewe cheered “Next stop bilgewater!!” Gyatso shouted. Yasuo closed his eyes and said a a few words for the men he had to kill a ritual he had learnt before he was disgraced, no matter how many years went by he made sure he stayed true to his routes. **Chapter Four - The Slaughter Docks** It had been a long journey across the ocean Yasuo and his Crewe had gotten to know each other and started to form a close bond from their travel together though Yasuo still kept his walls up he didn’t want to let anyone get to close. Everyone had their roles on their ship Gyatso was the sailsmaster navigating across the ocean and keeping the ship on course, Yeshe managed the guns and cannons making sure everything was in order incase a battle broke out, they were in prime water for pirates after all, Dorjee was the ships carpenter making sure all the woodwork was in order and his saw sterilised incase someone needed a amputation... Lhamo was in charge of monitoring supply’s making sure no one went hungry on the journey, Yasuo wasn’t much for the ocean though this trip had certainly showed him a new way of life he had learnt all about the tasks needed on board a ship from making sure the sails were in order to swabbing the deck. Gyasto carefully steered the ship through the narrow water between the heavily guarded cliffs, the renowned Slaughter Docks was in sight, a uneasy feeling swept over the crew bilgewater was certainly different to what they were accustomed to from beautiful lands of magic and homes made from living trees to wharf rats and buoys marking the dead. After landing their ship they headed onto land they were in dire need of a drink, before they could head to a bar though they were greeted by a man who appeared to be part of the leadership of bilgewater, “haven’t seen you around here before. State your names and business.” Yasuo stepped forward, “I am here seeking someone they call the truth bearer my name is Yasuo and these are my crew Gyasto, Yeshe, Dorjee and this lady is Lhamo, we have traveled from Ionia.” “Interesting, you have come to the right place my captain can most likely give you some information on the truth bearer but she’s a busy woman you may have to wait a while. My name is Rafen, I am Captain Fortunes second in command.” “Captain Fortune as in Miss Fortune? I was told she could help me find the truth bearer” Yasuo responded “The one and only,” Rafen laughed, “she knows everyone and every part of bilgewater I used to think I knew all the secret passages this place had she proved me wrong in the last harrowing.” “I have heard story’s about the harrowing from what I have heard it’s not a nice thing to experience” Gyasto added “Haha of course not, the undead are a force to be reckoned with most people board up their doors and windows, preying to survive the night.” Rafen continued “captain fortune on the other hand... well let’s just say she isn’t about to let the undead push her around.” “Sounds like quite the woman” Yasuo added “she certainly is,” Rafen remarked with a sparkle in his eye “I’ll let her know you are in need of her help, she likes to help anyone she can, wants to set a good example to the people of bilgewater, in the meantime I suggest at least one of you stays on board the ship, we have had a few ships go missing lately it’s my job to catch the person responsible.” Rafen announced proudly, “there’s a tavern down there and a in across the street from it feel free to take in the islands sights I’ll come back here when I have some news for you” Yasuo and his crew thanked rafen. Gyasto stayed with the shop while the others headed to the tavern except Yasuo he decided to take a walk up to butchers bridge, he wanted to try and get a view of the island. Sat atop of one of the tallest cliffs in bilgewater was a woman with long red hair flowing in the breeze she was singing a song about the sea, she sung it in beat with the wind, some of the birds were circling the air around her chirping along, it was in these moments the woman felt at peace without the pain of her loss weighing her soul down but these moments could only last so long before reality came and reminded her she had work to be done. A carrier parrot landed beside her with a letter attached to its leg, she closed her eyes and breathed in the air for a few seconds before reaching for the letter then sending the bird on its way.  The letter read “Sarah just to inform you a new group of people arrived at the docks earlier today, most of them appear to just be typical crew members, one however is seeking the truth bearer, calls himself Yasuo. I told him you could most likely help him find what he seeks. He has long dark brown hair tied in a pony tail, Ionian clothing, about 5’8 and carries a odachi sword.” Sarah looked around the island briefly she could see everything from up on the cliff she saw a figure of a man that appeared to meet the description of Yasuo but was to far away to be sure he appeared to be heading the Slaughter bridge. Sarah rose to her feet and headed back down the cliff disappearing of into a cave there was a secret tunnel she could use from there to reach the bridge in no time. **Chapter Five - The Meeting** Yasuo stood on the side of the bridge taking in the view it was so different to Ionia he wondered what made people want to live in a place like this, maybe it’s because they haven’t seen land as beautiful as Ionia or maybe it’s because noxus isn’t interested in conquering this place. “Different to what your used to eh?” Sarah walked up next to Yasuo “I’ve seen some of Ionia it’s a beautiful land must be important for you to come all this way to see the truth bearer” Yasuo looked as Sarah impressed by her confidence, he saw a sparkle in her blue eyes he had seen many beautiful women over the years but none as unique as Sarah her hair long and red down to her hips, he estimated her height at about 5’5. “You must be Miss Fortune” Yasuo smiles, “I’ve heard a lot of things about you.” “All good I hope” Sarah responded with a cheeky grin “So far all has been good, your man Rafen told me about your fearless act against the undead” Yasuo responded “Some say fearless some say stupid, I wanted to show the people that I’m different to the past person ruling this town” Sarah looked into the distance she could see the square she had fought against the undead, she lost a lot of good men that night but for the first time in years the people of bilgewater left there homes full of hope and people were united, now the square was back to normal merchants gathered round selling their goods. “Well I’ve never fought against the black mist so I can’t really judge I suppose in wether it was brave or stupid, your still alive so I’m going to go with brave” Yasuo smiled at Sarah “Well thank you,” Sarah smiled back at him, “come with me we can discuss more about the truth bearer on my ship” “Of course Miss Fortune I shall follow you” Yasuo responded bowing his head  Sarah and Yasuo headed down towards Sarah’s private dock where her ship the Siren sat, it was a beautiful ship with carvings of legendary sea creatures and symbols of the bearded lady. “It’s a beautiful ship” Yasuo mentioned as they walked towards it “Indeed it is it’s called the siren” Sarah proudly smiled “How did you get it?” Yasuo asked “Let’s just say someone learnt the hard way to keep his hands to himself” Sarah laughed Yasuo and Miss Fortune entered her cabin onboard the siren, Miss Fortune gestured to the chair in front of her desk, “Have a seat, I'll be with you in a moment” She poured some whiskey into a couple of glasses, placeing one on her desk and handing the other to Yasuo, “So you want to talk with the truth bearer?” She said taking a sip of whiskey. “Yes I need to find out who was responsible for a murder” Yasuo responded, “Is that so,” Sarah swirled her glass, “Well the truth bearer is a priestess who lives up at the house of Necrobiosis, her name is Illaoi, I heard shes taking a trip to one of the nearby islands and wont be back till two moons from now.” “When she returns would you be able to take me to her?” Yasuo asked. “I have been meaning to see her anyway, I need to thank her for something.” Sarah paused for a second, “Sure we can go see her together.” She raised her glass to Yasuo, “Cheers” they clicked their glasses and took a swig together. The door swung up, “Captain I have news regarding the suspect on the case of the missing ships.” Sarah rolled her eyes one day Rafen would learn to knock surely, “What have you found of Rafen?” “The Suspect will be at the Brazen Hydra tonight, would you like me to assemble a team to apprehend him?” Rafen saluted “No I will go alone.” Miss Fortune took another swig of whiskey, “I'm a regular there they wont think anything of it.” “With all due respect Captain this could be a trap I don't think you should go alone” Rafen urged “A petty thief?” Miss Fortune laughed, “Pretty sure I can handle myself.” Yasuo interrupted “What if I come with you? Could be a good way for me to repay your help” “That's a good idea actually, punters would just think your showing a new comer around the Island or on a date or something they won't suspect anything untoward.” Rafen paused, “And well its either you take him or you take Joe, I'd go with you but em ya know...” Rafen paused looking rather embarrassed he had been bared after getting into a drunk fight over a lady of the night. “Sigh... fine Yasuo, you shall come with me, would be nice to hear about the lands of Ionia they are truly beautiful after all.” “Of course Miss Fortune.” Yasuo smiled. Rafen grabbed the bottle of whiskey topping up Miss Fortunes glass and Yasuo along with pouring himself a glass, “Cheers!” **Chapter Six - The Brazen Hydra ** Yasuo and Miss Fortune sat at candle lit table in the corner of the tavern with easy view of the entrance and exit, if anyone came in Sarah was going to see. The taverns owner brought Sarah and Yasuo their main courses, “Cioppino for the gentleman and Clam chowder for the lady” he said with a smile. “Thank you” Yasuo and Sarah said perfectly synchronised, the owner laughed before giving a playful salute and heading back to the bar. Yasuo stares at his food this was certainly different to what he was used to. “Surely you have had stew before” Sarah said with a raised eyebrow “Well yeah but this smells a bit em” Yasuo mumbles “Fishy?” Sarah laughed, “it’s a classic dish around here ignore the smell and tuck in, trust me it tastes better than it smells”  Yasuo tooled into his dish, his eyes lit up, “Damn! This is nice!” Yasuo started to shovel the stew into his mouth, “we need food like this back home” Sarah giggled she found it rather amusing how Yasuo went from looking a bit sickly to like a kid at a candy stall. “How is your... em whatever that is?” Yasuo asked “Oh it’s good I always get it when I come here, no one cooks it quite like they do here” Sarah offered a soon to Yasuo, “try some” she smiled as Yasuo took the spoon and took a small taste from her bowl, “wow that is nice, no wonder you order it all the time miss fortune.” “Please call me Sarah” a sparkle appeared in her eyes as she pushed a strand of stray hair out of her face. “Sarah, that’s a beautiful name” Yasuo replied Yasuo and Miss fortune enjoyed their meals, still no sign of the thief though. Sarah ordered another round for herself and the other punters in the tavern, it wasn’t long till the tavern had broken out into songs of the sea and distant lands. Hours passed by Yasuo feeling something strange in his heart he hadn’t felt before he shoved the feeling down as he watched Sarah leading the tavern in song. Suddenly the door sung open a tall man walked through with a scar across his eye and hair as black as coal, Sarah stoped singing and grabbed Yasuo by the hand before whispering into his ear, “that’s the guy we need to apprehend, but quiet I don’t want to cause a scene, follow my lead.” Sarah walked up the the bar with Yasuo by her side, with a ring of the bars bell she had everyone’s attention, “thank you my fine lady’s and gentlemen for the songs and dance it has been a wonderful evening as always, but now unfortunately me and my friend here must be off as we have work to be done. I hope you all have a wonderful evening and be sure to tip the lovely people who run this tavern. The crowd clapped and a couple of people gave a wolf whistle, something Sarah was used to by now, though it irritated Yasuo a bit he found it rather disrespectful but made sure his face did not show his disgust as he followed Sarah outside of the tavern. **Chapter Seven - The Chase** Yasuo guarded the back exit while Miss Fortune guarded the front, it was only a matter of time till the suspect left the tavern and when he did he was going to feel either a gun or a blade against his skin. An hour passed as they stood waiting weapons at the ready before the man left the Hydra. He chose the leave through the back, Yasuo jumped down from the roof sending a gust of wind to knock the man of his feet. “What the...” the man tried to shout out but stoped when he felt the Ivey cold blade against his neck, “what do you want? Gold? Lady’s? Drink?” The man asked calmly Yasuo responded simply, “I don’t want anything but this fine lady has a few questions for you” Yasuo whistled to single Miss Fortune the man was apprehended. Sarah walked up to the man still on the ground he looked up as he saw her shoes infrony of his face, “Well if it isn’t the crimson siren.” He laughed as Yasuo pulled him to his feet. Miss Fortune pressed her pistol against his head pulling back the flint lock on her gun, the click sound quickly made the mans grin change to a look of fear. “So what do you know about the ships that have been going shall we say missing?” Sarah asked adding pressure against the mans head with her gun. The man remained silent weighing his options, try to run or tell her what she wants to know. “If I tell you I will die.” The man stuttered. “And if you don’t tell me you will die” Sarah announced. “At least you would make it quick...” the man responded “What makes you think that?” Sarah asked the man The man looked into her eyes with a glare, “your not like him” Sarah opened her mouth to ask who the person was that he was talking about when the sound of a bullet bouncing of metal sounded beside her ear.  Yasuo had blocked a incoming bullet from hitting her with a quick reflex of his blade, she loosened the pressure against the mans head for a split second from the shock, a second he did not waste, he knocked her gun aside she fired but only scraped his skin. He started to run, Yasuo and Sarah not far behind him. The man ducked left trying to escape down a narrow path between the cliffs. Yasuo and Miss Fortune followed with ease, Sarah laughed this guy clearly didn’t know bilgewater as well as her she knew he was running to a dead end his only options being surrender or jump to the shark infested water below.  The man skidded to a halt when he saw the sheer drop ahead of him, he was trapped, tall cliffs on either side of him, sharks and sharp rocks below him, behind him Miss Fortune and Yasuo there was no where left to run. “You can not outrun the wind.” Yasuo spoke sending a shiver down the mans spine. “Not going to press your weapons against me then?” The man asked with a glare of his face. “We have no need to the only place you can go is down there,” Sarah spoke softly, “and no one wants to meet that sticky ending.”  During gangplanks reign over bilgewater he had sometime executed people at places like this one they would be inpailed on the rocks from there the blood would attract the sharks till their usually still alive meal. The man knowing his fate lowered his head, “I can not tell you what you want to know. It is against my code and if I am going to die this day I wish to stand by it.” “And What is your code?” Yasuo asked the man. “It’s pretty simple. Don’t rat people out.” The man responded Sarah in a way respected the thief for his loyalty to his code  “Please can you kill me fast and clean I do not wish to go the way of my brother.” He said kneeling down ready to accept his fate. “Your brother was executed by gangplank?” Sarah asked, remember if the pain she felt after seeing her mother and father die at his hands. “Yes which is why I ask you to give me a clean death in my pocket is a letter it may give you the knowledge you seek but it can not come out of my mouth.” Sarah took the letter from the mans pocket a look of confusion and disgust crossed her face. “How can you be working for gangplank? He’s dead.” Sarah glared at the seal on the letter it was gangplanks seal and it was thesh, “someone must be using his seal, surely even if he was alive some how you would not work for him.” “I work for coin” The man said looking into Sarah’s eyes, “I never met the man who wrote the letter I just delivered the ships at a drop of point and collected the gold.” If there was one thing Miss Fortune was good at, it was telling when someone was lying and the man stood before her was doing just that, the man had no brother and knew exactly who he was working for. She fired her gun, giving him a swift death. She closed her eyes and reminded herself of what she must do to gangplanks sworn men. She said a prayer to the beaded the lady before seeing the mans body to the ocean floor. Yasuo stood silent with his hand on her shoulder. He could tell she was bottling up pain inside herself. **Chapter Eight - A Cold Night** “We should head back,” Sarah said looking up at the sky “Sure you want to head back?” Yasuo asked with a smile, “It’s a beautiful night.” “I do know a really nice spot, it’s been a while since I’ve been...” Sarah spoke softly, “it’s beautiful there.” “I would love to see it,” Yasuo smiled, “would be nice to see a hidden treasure.” “Follow me then” Sarah playfully said grabbing Yasuo by the hand and leading him down windy paths and through cracks in the cliffs. “Through here” Sarah pointed a tight crack in the side of a cliff, “might be a bit of a squeeze but trust me it’s worth it.” The pair headed through the crack, Yasuo looked around in awe in the distance was the sound of a waterfall and all around him was gold, well fools gold but it didn’t make it look any less beautiful, the walls were tall and rough but there was a hole where the roof of the cavern could have been letting in the moonlight light up the hidden wonder. Yasuo went to stand under the light off the moon as Miss fortune moved some rocks, she had hidden some camping gear in the cavern, it was a bit musty but still good, she carried the blankets over to where Yasuo was stood, “move over a little Yasuo, I want to make it a bit comfier” Yasuo moves over as Miss fortune led the blanket on the ground. Yasuo and Sarah sat down together on the blanket taking in the thresh air and listening to the falling water by far away. “I can’t say I’ve ever seen something quite like this... it’s beautiful” Yasuo  closes his eyes feeling at one with the island. “I used to come here all the time as a little girl... hell I lived here for a while” Sarah laid down so she could see the stars above them. “Why would you live in a cavern? I know it’s beautiful but it is a little cold” Yasuo asked “My parents were killed...” Sarah opened up to Yasuo, “by gangplank, he shot them dead... he tried to kill me but somehow the bullets he fired just missed my heart landing on either side, they are still there now.” Yasuo’s heart sank as she shared her life changing experience with him, “how old where you?” He asked “I was nine,” tears filled Sarah’s eyes but she pushed them back, “I was blonde like my mother before my parents murder, but it got soaked in her blood, I scrubbed and scrubbed but couldn’t get the stain out of my hair, I thought about cutting it off letting it return to its natural colour, but in a way it reminds me of how I got where I am today and reminds me to keep fighting so people don’t have to see the things I saw that night. Yasuo laid beside her putting his arm around her, “Your certainly a fighter, I admire your strength and resilience.” “Thankyou Yasuo,” Miss fortune pushed away her feelings of sadness before putting on a smile, “so what’s your story? I told you mine, it’s only fair” Yasuo sat silent for a moment before he spoke, “well I failed my duty to protect a man I left him alone, I wanted to help fight the noxian invaders, when I returned he was dead so I handed myself in.” Yasuo closed his eyes with a thrown across his forehead, “but they wanted to charge me for the murder itself not for failing my duty, I knew then that I had to escape... I couldn’t let the true murder go unpunished.” Sarah’s moved closer to Yasuo, “But you ha handed yourself in, how did you get out?” “I had to turn my blade on people I called my friends.” Yasuos thrown disappeared and a sadder look took over his face, “they sent many to kill me skilled fighters, strong, agile and wise... I cut them down,” Yasuo paused struggling to get the next words out, “including my own brother.” Sarah rested her head on yasuos chest placing her hand over his heart listening in silence. That night both Yasuo and Miss Fortune felt truly open they had seen parts of each other no one else ever had. Miss fortune brought out some wine she had stashed in the cavern and they drank under the moonlight, something magical happened that night, was it the atmosphere? The opening up? The drink? Who knows but two spirits danced that night as love was made by the light of the moon. **Chapter Nine – The Island** Yasuo and Sarah woke up to the sound of gulls cawing in the distance, they had fallen asleep in eachothers arms and stayed huddled up all night. The pair didnt want to move they were cosy and enjoying the calm embrace but they knew work was to be done. Sarah got up first getting dressed. “Fancy doing something together today?” Yasuo asked, Sarah thought for a moment, “There is a small Island we could visit, we could easily take a row boat there no need for a ship” “Sounds lovely” Yasuo smiled “I'm sorry I cant take you to see Illaoi yet I see how important it is to see her.” Sarah looked down at the floor, “Maybe when you have found the true murder you can find true peace within yourself.” “Is that what happened for you?” Yasuo asked walking over placing his hand on her shoulder” “No... not really” Sarah paused for a moment before continueing, “I thought it would and in a way it did but the hate for him is still there and well theres a lot of work to be done now that bilgewater is without their tyrant.” Yasuo and Sarah walked to the shore where she kept her private row boat, they had picked up some food for a picnic form a local merchant on the way there. Together they pushed out the boat into the deeper waters before hoping on and grabbing their ores. It took them about five or ten minutes to reach the Island. “You were right it is small” Yasuo laughed, “Well as they say Yasuo, big things come in small packages” Sarah responded with a smile Together they sat by the waves flowing onto the sand, in the distance they could see dolphins jumping in and out of the water, the way they jumped was almost like a dance as the sunlight glistened against the water. Yasuo and sarah spoke for hours that day, dancing together in the gentle waves of the sea drinking wine and eating the best bread available in bilgewater, or at least is Sarah Fortunes opinion. As the sun started to set the pair pushed the boat back into the water ready to row back to shore. “Are you thinking of hanging around a bit longer after you have seen Illaio or will you be setting back off to Ionia?” Sarah asked a look of sadness in her eyes at the thought of them having to part to soon” “I Guess I will be heading back to Ionia, I need to clear my name.” Yasuo looked down at the water not wanting Sarah to see any of the emotions he was feeling in that moment, He had only just met Sarah but he was feeling things he had never felt before and he didnt want the feelings to stop, but he knew he had a duty to the man who lost their life and he must go back and find the true killer. “Come stay with me again tonight my bed is pretty comfy...” Sarah spoke softly, “You will need a good nights sleep no doubt for seeing Illaio.” Yasuo smiled, “I would love to.” **Chapter Ten – The House Of Necrobiosis** The next morning Sarah and Yasuo headed off to the other side of the Island where the house of necrobiosis was, Sarah made sure to bring the pendant Illaio had given her before the harrowing just in case she needed it. “Well Yasuo this is it, the house of necrobiosis.” Miss Fortune banged on the door. A tall woman opened the door Yasuo had never seen a woman as tall as Illaoi before. “Ah Miss Fortune, What can I do for you?” Illaoi asked. “Oh nothing for me thankyou my friend could use your help though” Sarah responded looking over at Yasuo “An Ionian?” Illaoi paused, “You are a long way from home now aren't you, it must be important for you to travel all this way.” “It truly is” Yasuo responded bowing his head in greeting” Illaoi opened the doors and ushered Yasuo and Miss Fortune inside. “Why is it you seek me for then child?” Illaoi picked up the eye of god placeing it on her shoulder. “I need to find out the truth, I'm accused of murder and I must find the real killer” Yasuo led his blade on the ground in front of him, “I'm ready to take any test that may grant me the knowledge I seek” “The test is not for the weak, taking it you must realise there is a chance of death.” Illaoi's face turned serious, “I am willing to grant you the test but you must know the risks.” “Its a risk I am willing to take.” Yasuo stood “Pick up your blade my child, You will need it” Illaoi turned to Miss Fortune, “You will need to wait outside.” Miss Fortune left the building fear racing through her heart but she knew this needed to be done and she had confidence that Yasuo could pass the test. To Be Continued I hope you enjoyed this fan fiction, I have tried to keep it as lore friendly as possible which is also partly why I have paused it where I has because Im wanting to wait for more information on the real killer before Yasuo has the truth revealed to him. What do you think of Miss Fortune and Yasuo as a couple let me know in the comments below <3
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