Party Rewards "Shop" Suggestion

Hey guys As many of you know at the moment Riot introduced the new "Party Reward" System.It is probably still in really early phase but I came up with an idea {{summoner:2}} and would love the feedback from other summoners and Rioters. The Idea is simple - a secondary tab in the in-game shop menu called "PR Shop(Party Rewards Shop or whatever works Riot).In this tab summoners will be able to buy things like champions,runes,rune pages,skins(you will have to play tons of games till u can get the cheapest skin which at the moment is on Sale but still I'm sure Riot can find place for that in their hearts{{summoner:11}} ) with a special currency earned by playing with your mates called "PR". I know its just a poor suggestions thats why I'm posting this on the forum because i know we are a big community and that every one has his on view on this subject. Your feedback and suggestions are very welcome! HF on the Fields of Justice{{summoner:31}} and upvote if you like the idea {{summoner:12}}
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