League of Legends movie

So, my friend and I were thinking about contacting riot and checking if they were maybe thinking about making a lore based movie or a TV series any time ever, since the lore is just amazing. And we've gotten the replay e-mail and they told us this: **_"Thank you for the suggestion! We can't pass feedback reports directly to the development team, but I recommend posting to the Boards. The team is always looking at the Boards to get a feel for things players think could be improved."_** So we decided to make a board, hoping it would become a more popular topic and that riot team would notice it. We know many people would love it if riot would make a league movie/TV series, so if you would like to help with spreading this topic and making it more popular, that would be awesome. Thanks, glhf. {{summoner:31}} {{summoner:31}}
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