To Get "S-,S,S+" Needs A Buff Or Something I Think ..

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Hello everyone :) I want to mention that in this game though I was Janna 0 0 27 on this AR URF mod . I didn't get EVEN S- .. U can check it out if u like how good at least my stats was , compared to my teammates .. I was TOP with {{champion:80}} . I had also good healing and the less Damage Taken (if that helps) ! Many times in normal games too i find it soooo difficult to get some of the S ranks with {{champion:40}} . So I think the problem is that one of the most important of Janna's abilities doesn't calculating (her "e" , shield) So ? How about create a stat that shows the "Damage Absorbed On Shield Abilities" or "Or Damage Absorbed By Abilities"(Like {{champion:10}} 's and {{champion:44}} 's Ultimate "R") ! So whenever one champion act an ability or item , the calculator counts if that ability disturbed (took damage) and the more is disturbed the more the stat in the end on statistics increases ! I believe that will help champions with shields like : {{champion:40}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:43}} I could mention {{champion:25}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:92}} etc but those champs can increase other stats like Damage To Champions so they take toooo much easier S rank . But for a Support ... it's just some times impossible ! :P Even if {{champion:25}} goes FULL support items and in the end she only has <100 AP , she may not have done enough damage to be calculated on statistics , to see how useful she was or to take good rank . I hope that helps to improve the game a little bit more :) Thanks for your attention !!! ^_^
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