Fighting the Cancer

Hello, League Players. I would like to start this discussion in hope of reaching out to the community worldwide about the problem that we all experience every single day, and to perhaps clean our community from the players who managed to give their best to create the "Elo-Hell" term and spread it on every possible server (EU, NA, etc.). I don't know if many of you remember, but back in the days of DotA 1 on Warcraft 3 TFT we had the same problem as our gaming community face nowadays. Yes, i talk about people who Intentionally feed, constantly go AFK, or just are toxic to the community on any level... We have our ban-ticket system, which is working, but it isn't working good, AND it will NEVER work good as long as we as players can make as many "smurf" accounts as we please, which is the basic platform for trolls and generally broken people ( i have no other name to label them, as they must be broken to spend around 30 min of their life NOT playing the game, but torturing others). As i was saying, back in the day we all had the same problem up until someone created the gaming site named Dotalicious. For those of you who don't know and didn't play on Dotalicious, that was a client for DotA where you had the option to create only ONE account per your desktop. If i remember good, they managed to link that first created account to your IP address and insert a file in your System so that it read your account on Dotalicious whenever you logged in to the Client. You could ofcourse play on any other clients on multiple accounts normally, but on THIS client you had only one option: Either play on your acc, or don't play. The community was in the beginning massive, but it cleaned itself from the bad "cancerous" players simply because the rules of gaming on that Client were harsh and you had to respect the norm that we can all only hope to see today. It worked in the way that if you were disrespectful to others, they could report you (same as we can), then Staff-members would examine the replay and decide if you really are deserving the ban, or maybe others deserve being banned for false accusations (which i found amazing). Every penalty was getting you some sort of ban, be it disability to chat with others in game, being placed in the "lowered rate rooms" where you would play only with another banned players for a certain amount of time, sometime measured in days, instead of hours. The best thing about the Client was that every ban you get will increase your penalty, so if you are continuously being a bad player, your bans could increase up to around 6 months, and if you remember what i said at the beginning, you can have ONLY ONE account per your IP address. I really hope that Riot will consider making some off LoL client for us players that actually want to enjoy the game without a constant harassment coming from the people who are just bitter of everything and just use this game to express their problems and make other players suffer, and ultimately, QUIT the game for good. I hope that we will receive something similar to one Dotalicious, or we could say it: "LoL-alicious" Server that could be optional to play, where people can start over and just enjoy their games without uncooperative, afk, intentional feeders who don't ping, don't speak in chat, don't play or just do anything possible to make our game worse than we could think possible. Thank you for your time, feel free to spread the word! Cheers!
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