Dev should focus on making huge update on textures and details

I play lol at a full graphics, and if you see the cinematics, they are so insanly nice and amazing, but the game graphics is so bad, like look at the floor and grass, and the trees, it needs more textures and movement and details, and like when going from base to lanes, there is stairs, when u walk above them its like u floating, league should add lot more sound effects, like when walking in river or going down in stairs, and even when walking in grass and stone, do sound differences, another nice feature would be when you die in river you float dead, more bodies and realitic prefrences will make this game blow and become more famous, my ideas are so insanly good for these game, i cant write them all, im an artist and seeing these things really annoys me because this game focuses alot on not important things, let me know if you intersted in my ideas so i can write or help, i really really hope a devolper reads this and start making changes, and allow playing in Syria and blocked countries
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