Potential Zilean rework.

How about making his ultimate ability revive a dead ally champion instead of putting a weird thing around them that tells the enemy team to wait before they can kill him? {{item:3026}} - maybe rework him into the Guardian Angel of his team That would really make him a legit support. And make it so he cannot revive himself, but maybe have some other effect if he uses it on himself or an enemy. I really think that Bard's ultimate could be a better fit for Zilean too, when he freezes 1 person in time which really fits his master of time theme. He could have a basic ability that have an interaction with projectiles and champions, like Jayce's gate making his projectiles faster. Zilean could make a zone that slows enemy champions and enemy projectiles instead of his stupid bombs that made him into an annoying terrorist. What do you guys think? {{champion:26}}
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