Limited WW's skins

These couple of days I read about Riot looking into making Urfwick and Grey Warwick available to purchase at some point, and while I think it would be a smart business move, I don't think it would be fair to the players who own those skins. If it wasn't obvious already: yes, it would affect me, I do own Grey Warwick, but not Urf the Manatee Warwick; but let me explain: I've played League of Legends since the end of season 1, and those few pieces of LIMITED content I have feel like to be the only "fidelty rewards" the game has ever gave to me, it's something that shows off that I've been playing and caring about this game for the longest time, and making it accessible to other players would feel like a bummer to me and probably to other people in my situation too. Grey WW wasn't my favourite Warwick's skin at all, but it still is the skin I wouldn't replace because it had meaning beyond just "looking cool", and now it feels like people demand it for that reason, a reason that butchers the meaning that the skin has to the owner of a truly limited skin. Furthermore, in the past you could never buy Grey WW, you had to earn it in other ways, making it more similar to a Victorious skin than, for example, Championship Riven. This doesn't work for Urfwick, but it's not the "was buyable/wasn't buyable" aspect that I care about, it's the connection and bond to the history of the game that owning a limited piece of content gives you that I care about. It just feels bad to see the "oh NOW that it looks cool I care that I cannot purchase it" group of players being rewarded instead of the players that see more to it. So yeah, this kinda is just a rant, but I hope someone will at least feel what I'm saying, someone who, like me, shared a large portion of his life playing this game. Anyway, I wish you a good day and good luck on the Rift!
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