1v1 and 2v2 game mode

OK i'll be outright honest, this game mode is basicaly Battlerite with a pokemon chalenge: General idea : - can be 1v1 or 2v2 - everyone have 3/5 champs (to be determined) - you pick what ever champ you want from your pool, and fight with them in what ever order. - if one die he/she does not respon. - the first to lose all of his champs lose the game - there is a pack ban befor the game, and it work like the old pick ban (like the lcs pik/ban) - you start with 2000/3000 gold (to be determined) - kills give you gold. - bounty system does work - if you champ die the gold you spended on him is refonded so you can spend it on you next champ. - lvl of start is not yet determined, due to campions power spikes diferances, but personaly prefer lvl 3 like for aram - all champ lvl up the same time, kills don't give lvl advantage, but some special monsters may do. - champions can't recal or swap with another, they fight until they die, only then can anotherone from the pool be selected. - you gain 1 lvl every 1/2 min. (to be determined) - you can see what champs pool the enemy have, but not the ones he piked until you cross them in the arena. - monsters don't heal, so damaging them will keep them low. - monsters have lower move speed exept some special cases, so they can be escaped, they will trak you down untill you are out of vision for 5 sec, if you go out of visions they will folow your sent like Warwick for 5 sec after witch they start roming randomly again. Map : - the map is a hexagone. - obstacles and fog of war, not as much as in the jgl, but enough to let some cat/mouse games, spesial type of buch do exist, and grant stelth like twitch and eve have, so if you get close enogh you can still spot the enemy. - monster exist, not a camps but are released after some time, they wander the arena untill they spot a champ, they attack on sight and will give gold, they need to be more dangerous for champions than SR monsters, and more powerfull/rewarding ones apear later in the game, include red/blue buff like ones, and spesial bonus ones like healing, EXP, or vision. - the map is located in Noxus, so basicaly the one from the Awaken cinematic, bt a bit ugraded to be more like the "Son of Rome" arenas. Strategie: - take a pool of champions in order to dominate every moment of the game (eurly/mid/late). - even in a losing match, try to inflict a maximum of damage to an enemy, so you can finich him with your next pick - keep you item hungry hyper carry like vayne, yi or jax for last and abuse eurly game bulies first like Renecton, Lucian, talon in order to get a gold and resource lead. - be mindfull of your build since you cannot buy more items once you exit you cage, take a build that feel the most optimal. - if you win a fight with low health, see if you can take a monster with you for extra gold, but becarfull not to die to it, not only would that give you chutdown gold to the enemy (even if out of combat for more than 10 sec) but mosters don't heal, so the enemy might take it for himself this post is still under work, if anyone have some good ideas, plz help me. {{sticker:sg-kiko}} thx in advance
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