Best Game Mode I've Ever Done

Hi there, this is best Game Mode ı've ever made so far, if you have time, give a shot, have fun. Not: Drawings in illustration is not belong to me. ** PROJECT: AVATAR ** Victor started a project, a bigger one, he made all calculations on paper, everything was good, he was doing a robot. But some of his miners started a rebellion, and wanted to slow down project. They were master kind of miners. Vıctor couldnt punish all of them, he had to wait them to first move. Because they were precious, he needed to be sure about guilt. Victor couldnt trust his machines, they had no feelings and they cant seperate good one and bad one. For them desription had to be clear. This is why, Viktor wanted help from other champions from league. He offered, If they help him, Viktor is going to send his Avatar to their enemies. But both side accepted his offer. After that Viktor separeted the mining field from half and made the deal as who secures their sides better that team is going to take Viktors help. ** MAIN OBJECTIVE: ** * Secure the mining vagons from Rebelious Gnomes. * Take Vıktors Avatar support. * Unluck enemies nexus with Avatar. * After unluck destroy the enemy nexus in 5 min. Before side objectives, need to give some information about map. ** MAP: VICTORIOUS MINES ** Its Vıktors mines which gnomes live in and dig powerfull metals from for Vıktors powerfull machines and suits. It have 4 parts. Inner Mines, Outer Mines, Factory, Staff Building. Inner Mines are so hot to work but Gnomes are durable for heat to a point. This is why even they change shifts often. Gnomes dig ores at Inner Mines, then they launch ores to vagons, vagons pass Outer Mines then goes Factory. Vagons are Vıktor's machines, they dont need guide as long as they have power. For guaranty, there is a manual option for vagons too. While vagons pass from outer mines they are washed by water which comes from water canals for cooling. Also the reason Outer part exist, strong winds that also helps ores cooling. Outer Mines is a place where gnomes go to their Staff Buildings and vagons go to factory. When gnomes changing shifts, they use elevators which take them to the changing room in Staff Building. Outer Mines have 2 parts, when one side gives a break, other side keeps working. While changing shifts turrets go active on stopped side. There is a Scout Tower middle of the Outer Mines, but none knows what is that for. Top of the Scout Tower, empty vagons turns from Factory to Inner Mines as hanged on a rope. Sometimes hard winds blow some of Vıktors Ancients Recipes from his work room to Outer Mines. Vıktor builds too many different machines and some of them big for factory to build in. There is an outer build place for big projects. In outer mines, there are 2 seperate settlements for smaller needs and 2 warehouse for work materials. Staff Building is a place where Gnomes try to live. In Factory, ores turns powerfull machines and suits on Vıktors hands. This is Outer Mines. Nexus, Towers, Fountain they all do same thing with Summoners Rift, but in Outer Mines, fountain is destructable (By Avatar). In Outer Mines, Vagons carries ore for teams. Gnomes attack vagons and they come from Water Canals which does cooling duty. Turrets are defending machine when there is nobody. Rebelious Gnomes are neutral enemies of both teams. Elevators are used for changing shifts. This is Avatar, the reason why all champions here. Warehouse is where champions get their equipments. Manual Transportation (i didnt find the right name for this one) is a key for keeping vagons working with human power. Scout Tower is a fancy element of the map but have no impact, Ancient Recipes are Viktors hidden parchments location shows where they spawn. Empty vagons like scout tower, they have no impact but they cary Ancient Recipes from Vıktors working room to Outer Mines. ** SIDE OBJECTIVES: ** * Try to stop enemies Vagons. * Take recipes from Warehouse and try to find required parts. * Try to take Ancient Recipes before enemy. * Beat enemy in shift change. (Changing room is a small arena.) ---------------------- GAMEPLAY ---------------------- ** WHATS THE GAME? ** * Map forces you to defend vagons against wave of rebelious gnomes every minute. They come from water canals, then dig ground where they land and spawn their real place, it gives them option to attack each vagon. * Gnomes block rail when they first spawn, as long as block stay there gnomes keep attacking vagons which has 5 points life. * If vagons dies, it spawns again after 2 minutes (2 waves). If all vagons dies, Gnomes go for your nexus. * Unlike Summoners Rift, In Viktorious Mines, Fountain places to entrance of Nexus. But Gnomes are durable to laser not to regular towers. If u dont pay attention to them "Winions". * Avatar is the key for killing "Laser", even if gnomes are durable to it, its the laser we know as champion melter. * Avatars creation ends aroun 25 minute realated with the vagons progress. And he joins the team which most ores come from. * Avatar steps on the fountain, laser kills the Avatar, then it explodes and destroys the fountain and laser too. Even if they lost their Fountain they can spawn but they cant heal. * From that point, one team needs the defend his nexus other team kill it before Viktor learn whats happened to Avatar.(In 5 min) * End of 5 minute, ıf nexus is still alive, Viktor kills the team responsible from Avatars death and other team wins. * To make things more challencing there is a couple things that teams can use. **_ 1. Changing Shifts: _** Its kinda war call, every 4 minute elevators become available for use, when all champions of one team enter the elevator, enemy team needs to respond in 15second and enter the elevators in their side. If not, other side shuts down working for 2 minute. **_ 1.1. Shutting Down: _** Vagons stop working automaticaly, that means players need to make them work manual.To do that there is a key and 2 players need to spin it properly for 2 minute for taking maximum advantage from shutting down. The best part of shutting down is water cooler changes its direction to enemies side and this means no gnome spawn for 2 minute. While 2 people working 3 people is still free for invading, and cause some problems in the enemy side. Shutting down is activate your turrets to secure place for crazy stuff. **_ 1.2. Responding Changing Shift: _** Both team goes to changing roam to team fight, wining team gets the adventage of ace. Losing team cant defend their base till they spawn. From both teams one member who first die, respawns immediately but rest of them wait untill end of the fight. **_ 1.3. Changing Room: _** Its a small room. Both teams get "Relief" buff which grants %50 ad,ap,as increase. After first min, Gnomes sabotage the room, electrical waters comes from all around. Who touches the water dies. After 1 minute(end of 2 minute total), water surrounds everywhere and kills everyone. That means, teams kill all their enemies before 2 minute to get advantage. **_ 2. Warehouse: _** Its a different shop, trades items for gnome hats instead of golds. **_ 2.1. Recipes: _** Players take recipes that tells needed pieces for that item. There is a 5 gnome types which wears different colour hats by hierarchical. Players need to kill right one to add hats to recipe. They can take 6 recipe at once, but they can only add hats to one recipe. They can right click the recipe which they want to add next hat to. **_ 2.2. Filling the Recipe: _** Player needs to fill recipe in an order. If item says red-red-blue-yellow-black-green, they have to kill red one first. For example they have 2 recipes. first one needs Red Hat, second one needs Blue Hat first. When Active Recipe needs blue, if player kills red, first recipe is not gonna fill it. **_ 2.3. Completed Recipe: _** After completing the recipe, they need to visit warehouse to get the item. Players cant give items back, they can remove item or recipe from their backpack to drag it to screen. **_ 3. Ancient Recipes: _** Every 2,3 minute hard wind blows and tells the players, one of the viktors ancient recipe about the hit the map(after 1 min). **_ 3.1. Spawn Location: _** Ancient Recipes spawn every 3-4 minute around the Scout Tower, middle of the map. **_ 3.2. Items: _** **_ 3.2.1. Vagon: _** It adds 6th vagon to your team. Gives %20 movement speed. **_ 3.2.2. Dummy: _ **It spawns an immobile dummy where you stay for 1 minute, it has your stats and deal same damage. (3min cooldown) **_ 3.2.3. Overload: _** Stops enemy vagons for 3 second(3min cooldown). **_ 3.2.4. Rage: _** Empowers Gnomes which spawns enemy side, %50 as for 30 sec.(3min cooldown) I didnt want to give more details related numbers, but basicly this is what PROJECT: AVATAR is.

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