Training Grounds Map? (Map for learning mechanics, combos, etc.)

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Recently I've been trying to learn azir and yasuo. I really focused on the combos and it was so time consuming and frustrating that I got bored. Waiting for the cd on summoner spells or the champion spell to be back is very painful and finding the right place and timing for the combo is even more painful. Maybe if there was a map where champions had no cd on the spells and summoners could adjust the map by placing minions and champions in whatever position they want, we could have more ways of training. I've seen something similar in Riot videos where they showcase the new champion and their abilities. They ussualy put some minions and a champion that don't move and then they use whatever skill they want to show. I was so envious of this. If I could do something similar and create situations where I could test my combos, I would learn so much faster. I don't expect a full map for this. A square map one quarter the size of the Twisted Treeline, would do. No turrets, no minion waves,no cooldowns, no goals. Just an empy map where we would be able to purchase items from the store such as: minion, champion , and then train on those by using skills continiously. An example would be the _Beyblade _ combo on yasuo which consists of him E+Q(tornado)+flash+R. If I want to train with it now, I have to wait 5 minutes for flash and if I fail I have to wait 5 mins again. And there is not always a chance because either the enemy bot is not in lane or the minions are dead. I don't have a friend that I can train with, so it's even harder. _I added a link of the most recent champion spotlight that riot made (Kled) to show what I mean. Basically skip to the 2:41 minute and take a look at how the minion and the enemy champ is placed. I am basically asking for a map where I can do the exact same thing._ Please leave a vote if you agree with me or disagree with this idea and don't forget to comment about your own ideas on this matter or give suggestions on how else to train. Thanks for your time, good luck Summoners!
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