The possibility for players to create the new champion

Hey guys, I've been thinking for a while, and I had an idea, like the fact that the community has the chance to create the new champion? and RIOT chooses one of those who think they fit the game and it's worth it, and the one who has created the champion chosen by the RIOT to receive a reward. Ex: Name: Orozon Story: Orozon was an explorer, on an unfortunate day he entered a cave and a spirit possessed him, and he promised that his soul would be released if he would devour everything in his path ( I know bad story :) ) Q - Orozon fall into a target that offers stun and poisoning in a short period of time W- Orozon inflates his hands in the ground and around him grows desperate hands that offer slowing and low damage E - etc R - Etc I think it would be easier for RIOT and it would be good for the community as well. {{summoner:14}} {{champion:202}}
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