Aatrox Rework (1.0.1)"recreated" *IDEA*

The Idea of Aatrox rework i had , **(Updated_1.0.3)**: well i Knew that league of legends is going to make a Gameplay rework for Aatrox so i had this full idea of his rework Let's check it out >_0 {{champion:266}} **Passive**(blood Well): aatrox got a bar of **(rage)** when ever it fills to **50%** aatrox start gaining more attack speed **" 30% / 40% / 50% / 60% bonus attack speed"** And **20%** Bonus Dmg , the bar is white under **50%** turning to red, if passive is active and yellow if the passive is in cooldown Aatrox upon dying He sacrifices his rage to revive in battlefield if he got rage bar up to **60%**, he looses the amount of rage and Attack speed and Ad buff till Aatrox reaches **0%** rage and starts stacking it up again above 50% to gain Attack speed buff . . . {{champion:266}}**Q**(death aim)*reworked*: Aatrox spins **360°** in a **0.4s** channelling (reduced by leveling),throwing his sword forward in a Straight line dealing damage to whatever it hits except wards **(88% bonus AD) falling in an end area *(skill shot)* *"like shyvana e in dragon form"* staying there for **5s** , Aatrox in non armed action ,his hand glows with magma fire punches with his hands gaining reduced amount of fury BUT dealing (Burn)"like 's effect" in every basicAttack he deals and lacking the stack and effect of *W* . . Recasting Q , will make Aatrox FLY to the sword's (in *0.7s*) landing area pushing any units in his way aside ,for each 3rd unit aatrox damages in his flight aatrox gets the w stack back making aatrox dmg every other units after the 3rd withe W stack **BUT** he gains 75% less heal from blood thirst stack ,and deal 70% less dmg with the blood price Landing creats a crack under Aatrox slowing enemies around him **(22% bonus AD) ((or knocking them up)) gaining his Sword and armed position back **Other Situations**: If Aatrox got CC-ed ,or didn't recast in the **5s** after first cast Will make the sword rush back to him in a Straight line dealing damage to whatever it hits gaining a stack of **W** Healing Aatrox for every 3rd target the sword hits . . . . {{champion:266}}**W**(Blood thirst,blood price): Aatrox switches between 2 fight styles . . **Blood thirst** : Aatrox hadles his sword with 1 hand and his right **eye** glows with red and black color with the sword gaining **HP** on his 3rd attack **"30 / 45 / 60 / 75 / 90HP (+ 6.5% missing health)"**((unchanged)) When Aatrox's Sword draws back to him it stacks whenever it hits 3 units it will give him the healing stack . . **Blood price**: Aatrox reposition himself handling the sword with 2 hands,his left eye glows in purple and darkred color with the sword and the sword spikes rise Straight dealing amount of +damage every 3rd attack **"45 / 80 / 115 / 150 / 185 (+ 75% bonus AD)"**((animation changed)) When Aatrox's Sword draws back to him it stacks whenever it hits 3 units it will Deal the +damage buff to the 3rd unit being hit . . . Why glowing eye u ask? , Well when aatrox is in blood thirst style his right eye snipes the points more hp can be drained from In blood price style his left eye snipes the weak point of the target to strike it hard ((lore)) . . {{champion:266}} **E**(destruction)*reworked*: Aatrox fires 3 Moving waves of flames (3 casts ability) If casted under *(1.5s)* every wave after the 1st wave casted gets larger and deals more damage . **" Base wave DMG 30/ 50/ 63/ 88/ 108" ,,,"+55% Bonus AD , 20% Bonus AP"** **"Slow : 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50%"** IF NOT , Aatrox fires 3 waves , every wave got 2.5s timer before the ability cancels gaining reduced cool down on the amount of waves not casted **((Waves order and casting animation : ↗,↖,↪))** . . . {{champion:266}} **R**(massacre)*reworked*: Aatrox slams with his mighty sword in the ground ((stabbing action)) dealing area damage around him giving a slow for whatever it hits **"200 / 300 / 540 (+ 100% AP)"** , aatrox pulls his sword from the ground stretching it to give Aatrox more attack range and the sword from the impact glows with raging fire giving Aatrox more attack speed **"+40 / 50 / 60% Attack Speed"** applying (Burn)with his basic attacks . . ((Animation and damage order: Aatrox animation of slamming and pulling =0.3s Or 0.4s)) . . The area of damage spread from Aatrox point when and after he slams the ground = 0.1s "almoust instantly" in area close to Aatrox **(300 Units)** continues to spread after to cover the whole range *(550 Units)* in **0.4s**)) . . . To here the rework is done, I hope You like it . . The rework is more like game play rework with Some Extra sound for the New W buff on the sword draws back and hits , Aatrox's Punches and so on . * Artwork not provided (maybe not yet i can't Create digital art To represent this whole rework and animation,till i try to make on paper Clarification drawings) . Please leave a comment telling me your idea and Vote ;)

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