Ghost champion concept (AKA Thresh's Lantern is leaking!)

Hey guys, First foray into writing down a champion concept, but I've been mulling this over for a while now and I feel like I should get your insights in whether or not this would make for fun play: Passive: You're a ghost. You don't have an auto attack, but deal damage by moving through enemies - obviously, this also means that you don't do unit collision. Ever. Also comes with a healthy dose of percentage damage reduction (I had contemplated a miss chance, but damage reduction is less random) Q: You steal part of the enemy's stats (AD/AP, possibly percentage instead of flat) W: You go full ghost mode, gain speed and ignore terrain. E: You plant a will o' wisp, which acts like an invisible Charm Trap - you trigger it and get charmed for a short duration, walking towards the wisp. R: This is where it gets really funky - and I'm still tossing up how to do it, but basically you could take over an enemy champion's corpse, gain their Q/W/E, stats, and hps. A percentage of the damage dealt to this champion will be dealt to you. All in all you're a tough to kill champ, but you need to get up close and personal to do your damage. You have some escapes, but I believe that if you limit the amount of wisps that can be active, going in will still be risky. Obvious counters are hard cc and super range champions. I think top, maybe mid will be good for this champ, and depending on how much damage she'd do possibly jungle as well. I suppose in a pinch she could support, but I definitely don't see any way to ADC with her. In regards to numbers / durations / etc, I haven't really figured those out yet. I think it would largely depend on which role I'd really like to see this champ in (top = more damage reduction, less movement speed, jungle = more movement speed, less reduction, maybe more wisps, support= more drain, more wisps) etc. Initially, I had figured : - 30-40% damage reduction to start with, and gaining 2% per level (ending with 64-74% reduction). Damage 50+10*level (60-230), plus percentage of AD (0.25? ghost is not efficient at wielding physical weapons). Attack speed determines how soon you can damage the same enemy again (and will probably start rather low, so if you don't build attack speed your single hit will do a lot of damage but you won't be able to do another hit for a second or so) - Percentage AD/AP stolen 5/7.5/10/12.5/15 + 0.05AP (500 AP = 40% stolen), duration 4 seconds. - Speed boost 10/20/30/40/50%, duration 3/4/5/6/7 seconds - Will o' wisp: Charm duration fixed at somewhere between 1-2 seconds. Extra levels means extra wisps you can have. Two ult iterations in my head: - If ult will allow you to take over a corpse, spawn with same health as yourself, but all other stats / skills / items of the dead champ (except ult, that is yours and you can use to exit prematurely). Duration 5/10/15 seconds. - If ult allows you to take over a live champion, you take over their health, all other stats / skills (except ult) / items (basically suppressing them for the duration), and take control of the champion for 3/4/5 seconds. Spell shields block it, and I think tenacity should reduce it. The ult ends at the end of the duration or the death of the champion, whichever comes first. Enemies WILL be rewarded with kill gold if they kill the champion you're in, you'll pop up close to the corpse and have gotten a sizeable percentage of the possessed champ's damage. So, there it is. I think it is a high risk - high reward type of champion, which favours people who know how to play a variety of roles and other champions. Feedback welcome.
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