Ciuvert: The shadow of Ionia

Champion Concept Spotlight: Ciuvert, the shadow of Ionia
Hey guys. I finally finished my first Champion Concept Spotlight: Ciuvert, the shadow of Ionia. I hope that you enjoy it:)
Ok, basicly I say everything about Ciuvert in this video. But if you rly dont want to watch it here in (very very very) short: - Ciuvert is a Vastaya - Passive gives ms, manaregen and cooldownacceleration - Q makes enemies cant share vision, allys get more vision - W heals allys and damages enemies - E teleports you if enemies cant see you - R is Ori ult but with Rakan W Thats it in short, for more I recoment watching the video:p Anyway, let me know what you think about Ciuvert

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