Star Guardian Event 2020

I recently watched Skins & Events in Season 2020 Dev video , and you added if we had new ideas to let you guys know for themes and such. So my idea is what you did for 2019 Project event where instead or adding mainly heroes and some villains , the recent project event focused on anti heroes and villains like Jinx and Pyke , a skin line I extremely enjoyed with the animated cut scene. My idea for Star Guardian event 2020 like you did with the Project event , is you focus on the enemies of the star guardians or rather the main antagonists to the star guardians. Yes you did add Rakan , Xayah and Zoe as "evil people" that want to kill the star guardians for fun , but they are more like underdogs and minions that just want to reek havoc and kill people they hate. The champions that get new skins for Star Guardians 2020 are the bosses of those 3 but have a more malicious intent for the whole universe either to conquer or destroy it in the end. **The boss of all evil would be** in my opinion **Mordekaiser The Iron Revenant** , sadly in that video Morderaiser is revealed to get a dark star skin that absolutely love but i made this idea if he wasn't gonna get a skin and giving him 2 skins this year would be maybe glorification of the champion and maybe unfair to other good or better champs , but still Mordekaiser if given a star guardian skin would have to have barely any colour or be multi coloured , as you know Mordekaiser R is death realm and if he kills you in it he takes your stats but for star guardian he takes your familiar and banishes you to endless space a place where you are in a constant state of dying as time passes and light is turned to white. As you know star guardians have a unique colour like light blue for Ezreal and pink for Lux and have their own coloured star you see at one point they are introduced. Mordekaiser hates the coloured stars and wants to purify the universe for there to be only normal white stars even if he has to wipe out all the star guardians. His philosophy is that he wants to protect the earth for unknown reasons but as the rise of star guardians there is increase of monsters trying to destroy the earth and wonders why that is , over time he finds out about their coloured stars and comes to the supposed conclusion that the light they make are a beacon to otherworldly creature of where earth is and being persuaded that the star guardians are a threat to mankind's future. his armour would be the crushed crystals Ahri holds in the earlier animated star guardian shorts to picture how many guardians have suffered by his hand or it would be the outline of his armour and have black space with white stars as base colour for his armour as to show his ambition or desire. Mordekaiser does have colour like star guardians but it is pure white to mean many things it could be that his cause is righteous or pure of heart but as he pursues his objective his colour darkens to a point of pitch black to empathise how far he has strayed from what he wanted to do. _(skin rarity:Legendary)_ Please. 1. The next champion that would be the **second in command would be Xerath** his shards of a magical sarcophagus or armour would be slick and clean and have veins on top of it like a circuit board and have this dark purple or rainbow energy flow through it and would shoot exact colour projectiles and make them link to different space phenomena like his E ability a comet and R a meteorites. _(skin rarity:Legendary / Epic)_ 2. The **next second in command would be Kindred** she would have a more humanoid look and would have normal attributes as a female human does but maybe have 2 extra arms to portray herself as a monster and fearsome she is now , I think Kindred would of originally been a star guardian but lost her colour for some reason either been betrayed , discarded or supposedly died but came back for revenge and marking the people that took her old life away. The wolf is her familiar but one that can openly talk to others than just to Kindred ,Wolf would demoralize her constantly to say you can't go back to being a star guardian or persuading her to kill star guardians that she doesn't hate. _(skin rarity:Legendary / Epic)_ Finally the third would be between **Vel'koz** , **Skarner** , **Karthus** or **Kassadin**. 3. **Vel'koz** because he's a inter dimensional being that scientifically experiments on different creatures , maybe want to find out how to make evil star guardians without having to find and corrupt normal star guardians. _(skin rarity: Epic)_ 4. **Skarner** because a beast like villains are pretty good as well as she needs a skin. _(skin rarity: Epic)_ 5. **Karthus** would be like the original Power Rangers villain** Lord Zedd** with his iconic staff and would be more comical than serious character but still good champion to bring the light on again. _(skin rarity: Epic)_ 6. The best choice for the third in command is Kassadin , he did get a skin recently but how much he's played can finally be given a prestige skin that uses dark gold like prestige edition less sin night bringer skin or aatrox prestige edition did , his skin would use a dark colour but would have gold details on his armour and his slash ability at the end of the animation would turn a gold colour. His teleport would be a mini big bang that would start having dark colour go inwards like a diamond at the start of the teleportation and then burst gold stars out of his armour where he appears after using R his other abilities would have a gold tint near the end of the animation. i don't play Kassadin myself , I think he is a champion with dumb mechanics to be honest. But it would please they big community of people and would be skin that I would respect because there needs to be more male prestige edition skins. Altogether what I would like to see is a focus on the villains of star guardian because that sounds a lot more cooler than just doing more hero again.
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