If RIOT gonna change the Support position name, then here is a good name.

**TL;DR: GUARDIANS** *** * **What is going on:** RIOT want to change the Support position's name. * **WHY:** The reason why RIOT wanna change the name in the first place is because the word "support" is really passive to heals and shields; it does not include to some extent the Wardens ({{champion:12}} Alistar) and Vanguards (Leona{{champion:89}} ) supports play styles. *** I came up with a good name, it came to me in this form of thought process: * **When we say support, what is the first thing you think of?** * I think of my parents my father {{champion:201}} and my mother~~ {{champion:44}} ~~ {{champion:117}} . And it fits the bill, obviously, not the exact word "parents" but the meaning, a father who is your backbone that you could always rely on {{champion:412}} and a mother, she is a caretaker with her heals and constant "support" {{champion:43}}. *** In conclusion, a great synonym to parents is **Guardians**. I really like the name and hope it become real. Would really like to hear your thoughts whether you agree or disagree and what do you think of the name.
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