Valerian (Champion's proposal)

Good evening to all, I have to present some times(weathers) ago this character and I would like to present you a new version of my character and I made the short history which just puts the base(basis) and which and not phew I think but I could always try to improve him(it):D (My former(old) pen name was SnackersGaming and I have him(it) to change in Baladrok, the name of my character of the blow I also have to modify the name of the character) Name of the personal: Valerian Leading part: fighter, secondary role: tank PV: 621.28 (97.05 by level) Damages of attack: 58.64 (4.4 by level) Speed of attack: 0.625 (1.5 % by level) Speed of travel(movement): 335 Regeneration of the PV: 7.84 (0.6.5 by level) Armor: 29.536 (3.5 by level) The magic Resistance: 32.1 (1.25 by level) Skill (Passive): contendant shock: Valerian applies a mark every time an enemy knocks or every time he affects them with a skill, in 4 mark the auto attack or the skill of Valerian will impose damages additional equivalent physical appearance (physics) in 5 %/7.5/10 % of the pv max of the target and reduces its armor of 30/35/40 % during 4 assists. (An enemy cannot be any more to mark having undergone the reduction of armor hanging 12/10/8/6 assist.) (Q) Strike to check : Valerian knocks on the ground imposing around him damages amount to 65/90/115/140/165 (100 % of the total damages), the enemy being in front of and being the closest to Valerian at the time of the skill finds himself stuns during 1 second and during this second Valerian can push away(repel) the target in the direction of its choice. (If the target and grow again in front of Valerian she(it) will be push away(repel) on a distance of 600, 400 on side and 200 if she and grow again towards the back, during the animation of jet which takes second 1 Valerian cannot any more auto/utiliser spell / summoners) Cooldown: 18/16/14/12/10, Cost mana: none (W) Titanic load : Valerian charges on a very small distance ( 300 ) in a very high speed and pushes away(repels) quite the henchmen allies and enemies to affect(touch), if a champion and to affect(touch) the champion will be bump and slightly to grow again during 0.5 assist. (The dash crosses(spends) no wall) damages 40/55/70/85/100 (additional 110 % of the damages.) Cooldown: 15/14/13/12/11, Cost mana: none (E) Material Destruction: Valerian gives a huge hammer on the ground or on a wall if it is near a, a piece of land is unhooked and waltz in the targeted direction causing damage and state alteration enemies to touch, then the piece to pick up remains on the spot becoming a 'wall' for 4 seconds before disappearing. A piece of wall flies less quickly than a piece of the ground. If it hits the ground, Damage: 60/80/100/120/140 (+ 60% of its total attack damage) and causes a 60/65/70/75/80% slowdown for 2 seconds. If he hits a wall, Damage: 90/120/150/180/210 (+ 90% of his total attack damage) and stuns for 1 second. CoolDown: 30/28/26/24/22, Mana Cost: None (R) Terrestrial Tremor: Valerian targets an area (Medium-Large) (Medium-Long Range) and throws his hammer, When the Hammer reaches the touching zone it lands and causes an earthquake for 5 seconds reducing the movement speed of the enemies present in 50% and annoys their dash / flash etc (Range and reduced), When Valerian enters the area during the earthquake, The area will implode and inflict 150/250/350 (+ 100% of its damage attack) and will cause a stun in enemies to touch for 1 / 1.5 / 2 seconds. If the 5 seconds passes without Valerian entering the area the earthquake will simply end. (Valerian has a minimum range for this spell, he can not throw it too close to him so he must start outside the area) Cooldown: 140, Mana Cost: None Physical Appearance: Valerian and a rather massive man wearing a heavy silver steel armor with brown symbols, his weapon and a heavy two-handed warhammer with a golden guard, he has salt and pepper hair showing he at a certain age and his eyes are green, he wears full armor but no helmet. Strength: Good statistics making him a good duelist. Pretty tanky with heavy damage. Some cc who can tip the scales in his favor. Weakness: Not mobile at all, his dash is not enough to run away and especially does not stack. Low range and its fate Destruction material and its ultimate are very predictable. Its q spell use at the wrong time can be a disadvantage. When chosen in the summoner selection: A powerful summoner must have a powerful warrior! Movement: I will go where the fight will be. Attack: My strength will break it! At a death: Am I so ... weak ... When he and banished: Ah! You've made a serious summoning mistake ... Ctrl 1: With my hammer, if I want to retire as a warrior, could I become a blacksmith? May be. ctrl 2: I am often told that I am strong but simple, Yes I like simple things that's true. Laugh: Rit provocatively Ctrl 4 (dance): He raises his hammer and sends it to the ground then begins to walk around raising his arms. Valerian grew up in the Shurima area of ​​Nashramae and grew up respecting the tradition and festivities that are organized there, he saw many travelers and adventurers during his childhood through the port and it fascinated him, leaving to other lands, to have stories to tell and who knows, maybe a legend naïtrait on him but for that he had to become strong, a few years later when he was grown up and became strong according to his say he inquired about the other nations, Noxus, Demacia, Freljord, and others, and vowed to mark every spot of his mark, to leave his mark which will make him the legend he dreams of being, he left home after having find a sword of fortune and light armor and join a mercenary ship that agreed to engage him, The months passed and he accumulated combat experience and his pay he set aside to buy the equipment of better quality, misfortune his ego only grew up at the same time as his talent in combat and ended up creating a brawl with his group or during an explosion of anger, he inadvertently killed the captain of his group and seriously wounded two other members the others ended up fleeing when they saw their captain on the ground, Valerian observed the corpse of his chief and his two brothers in arms on the ground dying, he felt something in him ... Of pain? Remorse? No, he felt pride ... The pride of being able to defeat several men by himself and he ended the two men on the ground, judging them too weak to live and he took the hammer of his captain and his armor and Then he was alone and confident, he went to Noxus in order to challenge Noxus 'hand to assert his power. After arriving at Noxus he shouted loudly that he wanted to challenge Noxus' hand in a duel after several attempts Darius saw in him strength and accepted the duel, the duel lasted 3 minutes, Valerian experienced his first stinging defeat, The hand noxus had much more strength and especially technique and broke his hammer and pierced the armor of Valerian , leaving him wounded in the square and comparing him to a weak Darius left, enraged and ashamed Valerian left Noxus and found refuge in a village or with his pay he received the care of the village and he traveled a long time ... For a few years he procured the best equipment, and trained in front of various weapons masters and decided to retry the experience ... He walked again in order to challenge the most powerful person of Runeterra, after all ... It is never too much later to become a legend ... Voili voilou I hope that the concept with this time the story will please you, do not hesitate to make me constructive criticism that it is positive or negative as long as it is nice and explain well I accept everything :)
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