Rikyu - The Shadow Archer

---------------------**Rikyu** --------------------- The Shadow Archer > **Introduction** **Welcome **guys to this Champion concept. I had a lot ideas for a real cool champion and worked very long on this, so I hope you enjoy. Rikyu is an **ADC **and looks like a **shadow champion** . But he works completely different. He has a lot of mobility and is very reliant to his autoattacks. > **Abilities** **Passiv - Shadow Bow:** If Rikyu attack an enemy with an autoattack, Rikyu will get a Stack on his Bow. When Rikyu has 5 stacks, he can cast his next Ability twice with a short interval. The second activation has a bonus effect. This effect is different for every ability. --------------------------------- **Q - Dark Shot** Rikyu shots a skill shot, which can hit multiple enemy and deals moderate damage. For every hit enemy, Rikyu get 2 Stacks on his Bow. **Bonus:** The Arrow deals Bonus damage, which depends on the missing health of the enemy. **Design:** The Arrow looks bigger and has a lot of shadows around him. --------------------------------- **W - Steroid** Rikyu gains bonus movement- and attackspeed for a short duration. **Bonus:** Rikyu gains more movement- and attackspeed for the duration. **Design:** Small shadow ring around him. --------------------------------- **E - Shadow Step** Rikyu dashes to a new position. **Bonus:**More Range for the dash. **Design:** On his old position will be a shadow, which doesnt do anything. --------------------------------- **R - Despair** Rikyu teleport into an enemy champion, meanwhile appear 3-5 (depends on the ultimate Level) shadows around the enemies. Rikyu can teleport himself to one of the shadows, all Shadows will start attacking the ulted target, but only the real Rikyu deals damage to the enemy. The enemys doesnt know which is the real Rikyu. The Enemy is muted for 2 seconds. If the enemies champion leaves this shadow circle, the shadows will disappear. --------------------------------- > **Final words** In lane, Rikyu can poke with his autoattacks and dark shot and avoid enemy skillshots with his shadow step, but can also plan a very good engage with his double E. In Teamfight Rikyu is the kind of ADC, which autoattacks some times, is able to dodge enemy skillshots with his shadow step and autoattack again, meanwhile he has to hit his skillshot and manage his steroid. He can also try to splitpush, he is a very good duelist with his dodge ability and his ultimate. Thank you very much for reading the whole concept, I hope you enjoy. Please leave some suggestions or any ideas :)
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