[Champion Concept] Atal, The Hexomagnetic Architect

*please note: these may be stupidly OP/UP or just terrible design. I make them only for fun!* This is just a rough outline of a champion, only showcasing his basic kit, I will work on more details. The base concept of his personality/theme is that he is a piltover engineer that works with magnetism (I called it 'hexomagnetism' just to make it sound more league-y). He is very much a 'safe space' champion like illaoi or the donger, but intended for the bot lane. Enemies are going to want to stay out of range of his dynamos, as his Q becomes far stronger, and they do a small amount of DoT damage. Building attack speed would not be particularly useful on him, as he only has 3 shots in a clip that deal escalating damage, and enemies can only become magnetized every 10 seconds. In this aspect he is kinda similar to Jhin. He can set up great defenses in his lane using his hexomagnetic dynamos. For example, he can link 2 dynamos together near river to stop dash abilities from any approaching junglers (this would be especially good against Vi and Zac, as the link completely stops dash/movement abilities (kinda like poppy's w). He can then place his third dynamo near tower so he can dash away in case of emergency. Careful, though. Atal is vulnerable during downtime on his dynamos. Enemies should only go for the offensive during this time unless already far ahead. * **P- Ferro-bolt Accelerator** Atal's coil gun can hold 3 ferro-bolts, his gun gains charge after each shot. These bolts deal escalating damage, with the third bolt causing enemies to become *magnetized* for 5 seconds. Enemy champions can only be *magnetized* once every 10 seconds. * **Q- Ionic Slug** Atal fires a slow moving slug in a straight line, dealing physical damage to enemies hit and slowing them for 1.5 seconds. The ionic slug travels faster when in the vicinity of a *hexomagnetic dynamo*. Additionally, enemies that are *magnetized* are instead rooted for 1.5 seconds. * **W- Hexomagnetic Dynamo** Atal places a hexomagnetic dynamo at a target location. Atal can hold and place 3 dynamos at any given time, and gains one every 45/40/35/30/25 seconds. The dynamo remains in place for 30 seconds, dealing a small amount of damage to enemies within range of the dynamo every second, and interacts with his other abilities. They have an active radius of 250 units. Dynamos placed near eachother (think GP's barrels) become linked, dealing bonus damage to enemies that walk between them. If the enemy is magnetized, they will be knocked down when attempting to use a dash ability through and dealing damage. * **E- Hexomagnetic Defense Shield** Atal uses his magnetic defense shield. **on self-cast:** Repels magnetized enemies back **on dynamo-cast:** Dashes to a targeted dynamo (400 range) * **R- Overcharge** For 10 seconds, Atal's dynamos become overcharged, increasing their range by 50% and dealing extra damage. Additionally, Ally movement speed and attack speed is increased while in the vicinity of a dynamo, while all enemy movement speed is decreased. After 10 seconds, the dynamos are destroyed due to being overcharged. * **Thats about it!** I would make some concept art for him but honestly im just terrible at concept drawing. But let me know what you think about his kit!

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