Honor System: Refined

The remastered honor system is a major upgrade that has been accepted and revered and will remain for a time to come. In light of the fact that it is 'here to stay', it is conceivable that it should undergo changes, especially in it's infancy. It is a clay that is continuously molded while it slowly hardens in the minds of the users. The main thing about the honor system that I think could be refined is the way the honor is allotted. Right now it is fairly limited in the sense that it only occurs **once **in post-game, you get **one **honor and it is limited to **one **team (yours). My initials thoughts were to create a **secondary honor** in the post-game screen that perhaps held less honor progression value than the first, but was available to use none the less. You could either invest both honor points in the same player or perhaps your top lane carried the game and deserves the primary honor, but at the same time you synchronized wonderfully with your support in the laning phase and you wish to commend your comrade for making your experience, a positive one, so you award them the secondary honor point. It also fits in with the **duality** theme, changing it from a single honor to a **dual** honor, and perhaps even **dual** team honor possibility. The most recent of which were Kayn's two 'evolutions' or the order/chaos event, which are both the same thing, just to a different degree. So the above addressed the last two aforementioned singular aspects which could be diversified i.e. one honor for only one team member, in only your own team. The first one is that it only occurs in post-game. It is great and all but to use some worn words to put it plainly is, "it's about the journey, not the destination". So why not make honor continuous throughout the game? What if we take in from a dual into a **tri**-based honor system? For instance, give each player 3 honor points in a single game. All 3 points combined can have the same weight for the recipient's honor progression as the current single honor point or mix up the ratio as needed.Points awarded each at every 6 levels. So level 6 you get one honor point to give to someone, just by pressing tab and spending it, no bells and whistles needed. Most likely if you're bot you'll give it to your lane partner, come level 12 maybe they get it again, but maybe not. Maybe, because the game has progressed you are now interacting more with the mid or top and you had a good time doing some awesome shizniz, you want to give it to them. No player should be able to see if they have received any honor while in-game. Then right at the end when the game pivots on a pinhead and you're all level 18 (you only get the third point if you get that far, which is an accomplishment on it's own) and you've been holding that last point for the player who pivots it in your favor, BAM! Out of nowhere, an allied {{champion:64}} , blindly cripples the fed enemy {{champion:55}} , your team takes advantage picks her off, next thing the enemy {{champion:201}} is caught, 'good guy' trying to help the Sinister Blade, that was his last mistake. You let out a muffled smirk, barely audible through the mask on your face, then you say ,for all to hear, "Morality is cumbersome on the Rift, and I am as light as a feather".{{champion:202}} You're team approaches the enemy Nexus, where only 3 enemies stand in your way. You can feel yourself getting lighter as the air of victory looms{{summoner:1}} . They put up a fight, but it's no use. The pinhead pivot has been weighted and your team rises to glory. Victory! but wait,I haven't given the last honor point to Lee...{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} if he did not seize the opportunity we might have been licking our wounds from a loss... The post-game honor screen opens up and you are happy to still be able to award any unspent honor points as you see fit, and perhaps see who awarded you with what.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Hope this was atleast worth the read, but more so that it may actually prove usefull. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} First time using the reworked website and specifically the forum, what an improvement. Good Job Riot.
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