[Champion Concept] Loggrin, the lost Searcher

**[Champion Concept] Loggrin, the lost Searcher (Current: Patch 1.2)** What´s up, ladies and gentlemen! It´s me, Incaedeus and I proudly present you my second cocepnt (on the english Boards at least). And since the first one recieved pretty posivite feedback (One more reason to check it out! xD), my motviation increased even more and that let´s me talk/write even more... so better stop it and begin with the concept! ** Summary** 1. General stuff 2. Stats and difficulty 3. Lore 4. Abilities 5. Voice lines 6. How to play him 7. Patchnotes ** 1. General stuff** **The basic idea:** The idea of this one starts not how you might expect it: At first I had the idea of him being a disciple of Syndra and his abilities were designed around manipulating her shperes. He could grab them, throw them around and lots of other stuff... no need to tell me how unhealthy this kit was. So I started developing it, trying new ideas and finally found the solution. Loggrin is designed for the mid lane, even though playing him as support is equally possible, both on full AP. His key feature will be: Vision. Loggrin is a vision monster, he can summon multiple "orbs", which fly around the whole map. And to make it even more interesting, it also contains the projectile bounce mechanic you might know from my other concept. But don´t worry, not every concept I created will contain it :) **Appearance:** Loggrin (Age: 16-18 years) wears mostly white cloths, based around a great, long mantle, hold together by a blach belt. His footwear contains a pair of dark boots. His hair is short and shines silver-ish. As for his weapon, he carries a long, wodden staff, at the top end it contains a light blue gem. _If anyone ever should claims that I´m good at describing, just show them this. Kinda embarrasing..._ ** 2. Stats and difficulty** HP: 520 (+78/Level, 1846 on Level 18) Mana: 328 (+46/Level, 1110 on Level 18) HP/5: 6,3 (+0,55/Level, 15,65 on Level 18) MP/5: 6,5 (+0,75/Level, 19,25 on Level 18) Attack Damage: 53,6 (+3,2/Level, 108 on Level 18) Armor: 19 (+3,4/Level, 76,8 on Level 18) Magic Resistance: 30 (+0,5/Level, 38,5 on Level 18) Movement Speed: 320 Attack Speed: 0,625 (+2,2%/Level, 0,859 on Level 18) Auto-Attack Range: 475 Toughness: [2/10] Damage: [7/10] Mobility: [4/10] Crowd-Control: [5/10] Utility: [9/10] Overall difficulty: [5/10] ** 3. Lore** When Loggrin was born, he was raised like every other child on Mount Targon. The sun was everything that matters, it was the center of their life. But growing older, Loggrin started thinking and he became unsure whether it´s true what the elders told him. The sun wasn´t everything that mattered for Loggrin. He grew interest in the stars, he often stayed awake during the night with restless eyes onto the stars in the dark sky. And he started questioning: What are they? Where do they come from? But most improtantly: Why can´t they appear together with the sun? His interest grew steadily, but the concerns of the elder, who were spectating him for a long amount of time. But eventually it reached the point where loggrin had to decide. There are two options, the elders told him: Either he will stop it and change his mind or he will be banned from the holy mountain. Loggrin knew aswell as everyone else what happened to Diana, but he had no interest in inflicting a conflict within the mountain. He agreed with the elders and tried again to live like everyone else he knew, but he couldn´t supress his thoughts and concerns, it kept growing until he had to make a decision. He wanted to leave the mountain, in peace. But he night before he wanted to leave, he had a strange dream: He was standing within... what? All he could see was a bright, shining sphere, he was standing in it. Glowing rays of light moved quickly through the place. Then, everything collapsed suddenly, Loggrins body felt like it was crushed by the whole mountain, then he faded. When he opened his eyes, everything was black. He saw nothing, not even his own body, but then small lights apppeared all over the place, their amount grew until... it looked like the sky full of stars and he was in the middle of it! He looked around, fascinated, until he heard a silent voice in the distance: "And who are you, little boy?" Silence, Loggrin was to suprised to give an answer. "Well, you´re more the silent type. Whatever. Why are you here?" "I was forced to be here. It was not my will to be here..." The voice laughed, then it whispered: "At least you didn´t lost your mind. Their pressure is pretty harsh, when you think about it..." Their pressure? Was the talking about...? "How do you know?" Another laugh. "Oh, little boy, someone of my magnificence knows a lot more than you might expect! I´m not as far away as you might think! I know what´s happening around you!" "Oh, are you?" Loggrin was still skeptical. "Can´t see you anywhere, though!" "Well, in all those aeons I lived I learned that sometimes it´s necessary to hide myself from... beings like you!" Now Loggrin had to smile: "Oh! Am I that big of a threat to you?" "Not you in particular. More... your kind is dangerous. And devious..." He could feel the hate and rage in the voice, even thought he still didn´t had a clue, where the voice was coming from. "But let´s get to the point: I brought you here. I know the concerns in your tiny mind!" "So? And even if, how are you able to help me?" "Help is relative! But I can offer you answers to the questions you have. For a little favor in return!" It may be foolish to trust something he doesn´t know, but he trusted him. Was it because he really knew what his opinion about Targon was? Was it the simple fact that he was surrounded by what fascinates him? "Which would be?" The voice laughed, but explained itself: "Well, listen to me: In one of your treasure chambers your elders stored an ancient crown, like this..." The stars, or whatever they were, started moving until they were shaped like a crown, then, they changed colors, mostly blue and red. "That´s what it should look like! Take it and then leave the mountain! We both know that this is no place for you anymore..." The stars started fading away, so was the voice, it felt like everything disappeared. Loggrin awoke confused, but the voice and it´s task remained in his head, echoing, growing louder. But he was convinced, stood up and sneaked through the mountain. He knew where the treasure chambers were, but he didn´t knew which one he was aiming for. So he had to look through every one of them, one by one, until he found it: It looked like it was forged aeons ago, yet keeping it´s beauty. It looked excactly like the stars (why was he so sure that those things he saw were stars?) showed him, or more precisely, how the voice made them show him. He took it silently and runned for his life. He left the mountain running down the stairs leading downwards... only to be stopped by the elders which expected his betrayal. They asked him to either give back the crown and wait for his punishment or be killed by them instantly. But Loggrin had enough, his trust in the sun and the elders was broken and therefor he refused to hand it over. Two of the elders drew their swords, so was Loggrin, but the fight was violently interrupted by a harsh light ray, surrounding Loggrin and the elders. It blended everyone in it and when Loggrin opened his eyes again, he was the only one standing. Well, the only human standing, on his right side he saw a gigantic, dragon-like being, emitting blue light, his whole body was shimmering an on his head he was wearing the crown Loggrin just stole. And the voice he spoke with was the same voice that appeared in his dream hours ago: "Don´t worry, they´re not dead. I just brought them back to their home in the mountain." He shook himself like someone who was sleeping for a long time. "Anyway, little Loggrin. Thank you for your help!" "How did you do it?" He positioned himself in front of Loggrin and smiled: "One of the little tricks of my creations are capable of!" Loggrin was shocked. "Your... creations?" The dragon looked flattered. "Well, yes, my creations! As told, there are many things you want to know. And many things I´d like to teach you!" "Can you trust the stars even though you don´t know a thing about them?" -Loggrin- Friends: {{champion:136}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:16}} Foes: {{champion:89}} {{champion:80}} ** 4. Abilities** _Passive: Light and Darkness_ _Light:_ When Loggrin dies, all summoned Star Shards will hold their position for one second and then return to him with great speed (2000 units/second) and will create an explosion with 200 units diameter dealing [Loggrins level]*10 (+0,33 AP) magic damage whenever passing terrain or an enemy unit, then they disappear together with Loggrin. (They are now able to fly thorugh Terrain.) _Darkness:_ The stars won´t shine for Loggrins enemies. Vision raduis of enemy champions is permanently reduced by 50/75/100/125 units (upon reaching level 1/6/11/16). _ Q: Star Shard_ Mana Cost: 50/60/70/80/90 Mana Cooldown: 14/12,5/11/9,5/7 seconds Range: 900 units Cast time: 0,15 seconds Loggrin summons a Star Shard and throws it onto the target direction, dealing 70/95/120/145/170 (+0,5 AP) magic damage to all enemies passing it and slowing them by 15% for 1 second. After reaching it´s maximum range it will remain and fly around the map and bounce off **everything** it hits (including terrain). On every bounce it will reveal the surrounding area (range: 200 units) for 2 seconds, bouncing off an enemy champion increases the range to 450 units and the duration to 4 seconds, but will destroy the Shard. 10 Seconds cooldown per Shard. _Same rule applies here: Angle of incidence = Projection angle._ _ W: Supernova_ Mana: 85 (on all ranks) Cooldown: 24/22/20/18/16 seconds Range: 700 units Cast time: 1 second (channeled) _Passive: Bounces from Star Shards will deal 30/60/90/120/150 (+0,25 AP) magic damage to all enemies in range (range= revealed area), diminishing by 50-25% (scaling with Loggrins level, -0,68% per level) per additional Shard, yet never below 10/15/20/25/30 damage. This rule won´t apply upon the activation of Light and Darkness. Shares it´s cooldown with the reveal-bounce cooldown._ Loggrin roots the target for 1 second and then summons a supernova spreading in a circle from the traget and expanding slowly (300 units/second), the supernova disappears after 4 seconds. It deals 90/140/190/240/290 (+1,25 AP) magic damage to every enemy hit, only 33% damage to minions and monsters, but you can get hit multiple times by the supernova. For every enemy champion hit, the cooldown of _Supernova_ will be reduced by 3 seconds. Enemy champions trying to run away from the supernova will be slowed by 15%. The rooted target will be immune against the supernova damage and slow for 1,5 seconds. _ E: Gentle Touch_ Mana: 80/85/90/95/100 mana Cooldown: 22/20,5/19/17,5/16 seconds Range: 750 units Cast time: 0,2 seconds Loggrin orders the three closest Star Shards to fly the shortest way possible to the targeted ally champion. Every Shard heals 20/30/40/50/60 (+0,15 AP) HP and increases it´s movement speed by 6/7/8/9/10% for 2 seconds. Whenever a Shard bonuces off terrain or an enemy unit while being ordered to fly to an ally, it loses 20% of it´s heal and movement speed (up to a potential 80% effectiveness-loss). _ R: Antilight_ Mana: 150 (on all ranks) Cooldown: 140/110/80 seconds Range: 1250 units Cast time: 0,2 seconds Loggrin blasts the target with starfire, dealing 150/250/350 (+0,4 AP) Magic dagame and inflicting the debuff _Antilight_ for 4 seconds, causing following effects: * The closer the inflicted target is to Loggrin, the more vision reduction will be inflicted (<100 units distance: 200 units vision range, then +1 vision range per 1 unit distance, can´t surpass maximum vision range). * The farther the inflicted target is from Loggrin, the less effective healing from every source will be on the target (<300 Units distance: 20% healing reduction, then -0,06% per 1 unit distance, can´t surpass 80% healing reduction (gained with >1200 units distance)). Additionally the slow while trying to run away from a _Supernova_ will increase on inflicted targets to 30/40/50%. ** 5. Voice lines** When selected: „The serach for answers continues!“ If banned: „You´re nothing more than a fading light...“ Move-Command: * „We shine!“ * „Moving with the light!“ * „You can´t match their elegance!“ * „Another reason to run...“ * „What will your constellation be today?“ * „Light out our path!“ Attack-Command: * „May thier glance blind you!“ * „From the cold, lonely darkness...“ * „It is their will!“ * „Fear the confessed ones!“ * „Stars CAN be violent!“ Joke: * „You ever wanted to see stars? I can help you with that...“ * „When you take a star, put it into a canon and shoot it, does it become a shooting star?“ Taunt: * „Yes, I just call them >>Shards<<, but don´t get fooled by it!“ * „They shine for you… so better don´t make them fade!“ Upon activation of _Light and Darkness_, when all Shards are collected: * „Fade… into eternity...“ * „Finally together...“ * „And yet they can´t seperate us...“ ** 6. How to play him** You will barely achieve great damage numbers with Loggrin, but that´s not what he was created for. His advantage is his ability to more or less reveal everything on the map with his Star Shards and since you have no limit, throw them around like your life depends on it. Well, it pretty much does, actually :) Anyway, when you´re not poking them with _Star Shard_, try to catch them with _Supernova_ and deal huge damage, when you or your allies are in trouble, heal them with _Gentle Touch_ and boost their movespeed. A well placed _Antilight_ on the other hand can decide whole teamfights, either place it on running targets to make their healing almost useless or on the beginning on the enemy carry to render him useless for a good amount of time. Example-Build for Mid-Loggrin: {{item:3020}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3089}} Example-Build for Support-Loggrin:{{item:3158}} {{item:3092}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3107}} {{item:3030}} ** 7. Patchnotes** No need to mention that this isn´t the original concept. Here are the changes: > **Patch 1.2 (04.08.17)** -_New: Collision Course_: _Star Shards_ bouncing off enemy Champions now will be destroyed (they still reveal the area and deal damage). -_The Collection keeps growing_: _Star Shards_ diminished damage per additional Shard has been changed from ~~1/2/3/4/5 per additional Shard~~ to 50-25% per additional Shard (scaling with Loggrins level). -_New: Now with gravity!_: Enemies trying to run away from _Supernova_ will be slowed by 15%. -_New: Endotherm_: _Star Shards_ redirected by _Gentle Touch_ will now lose 20% of their heal and movement speed upon boncing off terrain or an enemy champion. -_New: Now with some real gravity!_: Enemies inflicted with _Antilight_ will now lose 30/40/50% of their movement speed whenever they run away from _Supernova_. > **Patch 1.1 (02.08.17)** -_Another reality_: Rewrote parts of the lore since I didn´t liked some parts of it. -_Light on another wavelength_: Adjusted Loggrins base stats. -_More stars for everyone_: Mana cost of _Star Shard_ has been changed from ~~60/70/80/90/100~~ to 50/60/70/80/90 mana. -_Not really more stars for everyone_: Cooldown of _Star Shard_ has been changed from ~~­ 14/12,5/10/8,5/6~~ to 14/12,5/11/9,5/7 seconds. -_Damped_: Spotting range upon bouncing off an enemy champion has been changed from ~~750~~ to 450 units. -_They already have their own eyes_: Star Shards bouncing off allied champions won´t reveal the area and deal damage anymore. -_New: To much light_: Spotting effect on bounces has now a 10 second cooldown. -_Mercy with stars_: Cooldown of _Supernova_ has been changed from ~~20/18/16/14/12~~ to 24/22/20/18/16 seconds. -_Bring order in chaos_: The amount of cooldown reduction when hitting an enemy champion with _Supernova_ has been changed from ~~4~~ to 3 seconds. -_Touched to often_: Cooldown of _Gentle Touch_ has been changed from ~~21/20,5/19/17,5/15~~ to 22/20,5/19/17,5/16 seconds. -_Praise opposites_: Cooldown of _Antilight_ has been changed from ~~150/120/90~~ to 140/110/80 seconds. And that´s it for this time! I hope you liked it, feel free to leave some feedback in the comments and make sure to check out my other concepts (Well, there aren´t many yet, but I´m working on it)! So see you next time and thanks for reading! Incaedeus
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