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I make this post every year and I am going to make it once more till I get a response from a red Rioter. Clubs offer nothing at the moment. Whether I am in a club or not, doesn't give me any features. Clubs can do so much for the game. Lets start with what clubs can bring to LOL: - increase loyalty to the game. - make the game more fun. - Reduce toxicity. - Help new players --> grow player base. - offer more opportunities for tournaments and lore. I will now proceed to explain what I mean with clubs / clans. I will explain how the aforementioned benefit points can be achieved. Club and club features: A club is a group of people who share common characteristics and interests. What should clubs offer? - Clubs should allow to add unlimited number of players. - Clubs should have their own emblem, their own name, their own page (within the client) where they can add their own lore and rules/requirements. Players can visit this page via the client and see clan stats and register to the clan. - Clubs should have ranks. E.g Major, Captain, sergeant, corporal, soldier. Each rank will have specific capabilities in the clan (inviting new players, kicking players, promoting players, ORGANIZING CLAN WARS) - Clans should have their own ranking. Clan should sum up points of their players and rank among other clans. - Clans should have their own bank. Members of the clans can deposit blue essence to buy craft for their clan. For example blue essence can be use to buy decorations for their clan emblem or use blue essence to participate in a tournament. RP can also be used. - there should be a clan section where people can register/apply for a clan. The respective clan members will then review the player and act accordingly. There are plenty of features to implement. How will the benefit points be achieved. For the first 2 points I believe clans are fun. They make the game more meaningful. The vs element between clans will be especially fun. It will reduce toxicity as a player / club won't want to play with toxic people. So they will force them to be non-toxic. Clans won't want to have clan wars with non sportsmanlike clans. It will help new players as people will want to assign new talents to their teams. Also I believe lore can be created around clans and adding your own emblem in the summoners rift when playing in vs events will also be a cool feature.
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