LeBlanc R rework

Hey, since LeBlanc was recently reverted to her old version I stopped to think what would in my eyes fulfill LeBlanc's destiny as the deceiver. My solution is to change how her ultimate works. Currently she just copies one of her basic spells which isn't bad, but it also means her ultimate brings nothing new to the table. {{champion:7}} **The new Ultimate** I always liked that every single basic spell she has, has 2 parts. My idea is to double down on their second parts with this new version of her ulti. While any of LeBlanc's basic spells are in effect (untriggered Q, W before she returns, E before it snares), she can **use her R to activate a special effect depending on what is the newest (last cast) untriggered basic spell effect**. These special effects are: **Q** Instantly deals a little bit of damage to the marked target (triggering the mark) and **spreads a new mark** and deals damage to all nearby enemy targets (including a new mark on the original target). _Good for waveclear, teamfight aoe damage or simply assassination burst damage (although it would be much less single target damage than her current version)._ **W** (this one's my favorite) After a brief delay (think 0.5s-ish) she teleports herself and **everyone who stood next to her** (allies, enemies, champions, minions, monsters) back to the original cast location. _Useful for turning fights when running, bringing enemies to your team and moving minions around (and also trolling). _ **E** Instantly triggers the chain dealing its damage and snaring the target like normally, but also **pulling the target** halfway towards LeBlanc. _Useful for catching slippery enemies or pulling a dangerous diver away from your marksman._
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