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Hello folks, I had a thought: Riot Games should release new games or atleast something that can rise the popularity of RG not only with LoL. Well why not havin an MMORPG though? It basically is based like all other MMO's and is self-descriptive: You create a character, give him a Name and choose one of many fraction. But what do you do in the game? - Well i was thinking: The game is basically called "League of Legends" so why don't you interpret these "Legends" to expand the ways of an own gameplay. An example: I am Ionian. I want to be like Shen. I want to be tanky and support my team by being the front of the team and take the damage they would take. So I have the skill to give a teammate a shield and teleport to him. In other words - you have a mentor/master. Of course you should have the chance to change your mentor/master to learn all kinds of abilities thatt exist in the League. What about online features? - Simple enough to explain: I wouldn't recommend having PvP in there but you can interact with other players and the environment. It's not all about competitive gaming or ranking to the top. If you would take a look at Monster Hunter World (a game that is literally not based on PvP or even competitive gaming) is the best example, how it looks like to co-op with other player. Speaking up to the environment, what will it look like, what may come? - I would say of course we got Runeterra we are in. The country that includes many nations and a lot of them lead a war. You fight for the nation you have chosen and you aren't alone on the battlefield. Together with soldiers, mages, machines and monsters - all of them fight and you are in the middle of the battle. But war is not war always. Sometimes you travel around the world to see all kinds of cultures and characteristics of the nations. Also Baron Nashor, the Rift Herald and Dragons are visiting Runeterra. Gather together and fight them as a group or like others would say - a Raid. This game sounds like "The Elder Scrolls Online" or "World of Warcraft" - I know MMORPG's are always like this, you can't avoid that but I don't think there will be a Mage in WoW like Malzahar or Vel Koz'. But these games are often based on grinding levels to be strong - Yes that is, what the player needs to be entertained for a while. "Weaklings are useless on the battlefield" - maybe that can be right. In-game purchases? - Well that's how nearly all Developer do - they need to get something somehow to go on or the game will cost like 25€/$ but will have less or no microtransactions. I said a lot now, maybe some of you read it, maybe some not. I guess the most will say "sounds boring" or "much things miss like..." Tell me in the comments! I just wanted to share some thoughts and I can't be the only one who thinks like that, having a MMORPG from Riot Games. I know Riot Games released some Mini-Games like "Astro Teemo" or "Blitzcrank's Poro Roundup" but these aren't really "big". Have a nice day {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Masterspiece
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