Leavers need more severe punishments.

Leavers should be punished more, especially those who leave ranked matches very often. Well, let's start, imagine that riot implements a new system that punishes players according to the number of ranked matches they leave, but i'm not talking about having to wait a while before getting in queue, i'm talking about much more severe punishments that will make players take ranked more seriously and think a little bit before leaving a ranked game. Now i'm going to tell you about a system i've been thinking about: Imagine that someone leaves a ranked game because his internet has crashed, ok its fine, this player won't be severely punished. But now imagine that the same player have left ranked games consecutively- This is where the interesting part starts, instead of this player having to wait a while to get in queue again, he'll lose more LP, imagine that this player usually loses 18LP, well, that player's LP loss will be doubled each time he leaves a match. So he will lose the normal LP initially but then he will lose more and more. I was also thinking that they should implement a limit on matches that can be left without being severely punished, for example, you would only be able to leave a ranked match 2 times a month without losing extra LP. What you think?
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