New champion that break the 4th wall of the game

A new champion that all his interactions and speechs he breaks the 4th wall of the game. He knows that he is a video game champion . And this is some of his funny interation in game : -when you select him and lock " make sure you have correct runes " -on the start of the game "this should take between 15 and 20 minute game " ( funny interaction that enemy might ff fast ) -"bot or mid or top maybe jungler , what is the meta now ? " - " what season are we i was asleep for some time " - on death "Lag , laaaaag !!!! " - at the start with a skin on " nice clothes did you buy them for me or hextech chest ? " - after getting kills " i am so strong . They gona nerf me now i can feel it " - after a ace " yeah a ace , so what now ? We baron or finish ? " - after taking herald "dont forget to take his eye " - after a enemy take first blood " come on we said play safe " - after a friend take first blood " ohhhh ! I was suppose to take the first blood " -at then end of a win "gg team " - at the end of a lost " it is oky ,next game will be better " .... There is many funny idead interaction , it can be between the champion and us the player himself , or between him and other champions . If you like my idea vote me up so developers can see it and ofcourse write down your own funny interaction in the comment .
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