#2 champion ideas,Ethan -the magnificent

Ethan - the magnificent I really like how ryze got a variety of combos and spells he can chane together to deal a stupid dmg xD , bit thinking that he's the only one who can do that unique style of combos made me feel sad actually so i got inspired by that and made this champion , hope i at least inspire riot teams by this , let's jump right to it ___ <A ranged mage,double the size of gnar *still not huge :D,carries an orb held to his belt wearing a cloak> **<every ability of him gets upgraded after casting another spell so keep that in mind while you read his abilities>** <The powerd up spells chain can be caneled by repressing the basic ability except the E , it waits 3s otherwise it will cancle itself restoring it's cooldown,come and read this again after you read the abilities you will understand what i mean :D> ____ #Passive"orb of sorcery": (130/115/90s cooldown) Ethan got a spell orb by that grants him an upgraded virson of his first casted ability ,also the orb grants Ethan mana regeneration if it drops under 10% regnerating 25/50/65mana over second for 4/4/5s #Q"blazery": Ethan triggers a normal flame fire spell in a line in front of him dealing magic dmg ##Q2"blazery II": After using **Q** Ethan's **E** changes to the next **power II** ,shooting healing flames in a direction in front of him for 2s that also surrounds him giving him bonus armor and magic resist ,healing him and allies caught in the spell cast range for the duration * #**Q3"Gift" III":** <last chain of W> that ethan throws a destructive swap curse,if it was thrown on the ground it becomes invisible and works as a trap,recasting W over 3s will swap ethan place with the spell place and the spell will stay, if an enemy champion steps on it, it traps him{snair}for 2s spredding a slow zone lasts **0.75s** slowing other champions around it ,dealing damage to the sanired enemy for 3s and gives ethan 20% of his max mana #W"gift": Etahn throws a spell,if it contacts an enemy champion, after 1.5s of contacting it it slows them for 2s, if ethan managed to damage the champion by even basic attacks in the 1.5s latency it will blind them for 3s (decrease vision) ##W2"gift II": after using **W** Ethan's **E** upgrades to **power II**, throwing a destructive spell on a targted enemy that explodes, dealing magic damage and returns 13% max mana to ethan after the explosion * #**W3"Blazery III":** < last chain of Q> shooting a flame blaze that gets wider at the max range of it dealing damage over 4s of the cast duration for whomever stands in front of him or around him in a circular short range dealing true dmg in the wider end of the ability range #E"Extra": (no cost,medium cooldown) Ethan powers up his next ability he will cast to **Power II** at once the effect lasts 3s then it goes off refreshing it's cooldown ##E2"Extra II": (high cooldown) chaining the ability with itself will upgrade Ethan's ultimate ability to **power II** #R"catch!": Ethan throws his sorcery orb in an area creating pulling force that lowers there movement speed **trying** to pulls enemies to it's center over **2.5s** then explodes in a supernova damaging all within it's range and heal allies for a great amount if they were within it's range, if the enemy champions managed to break free <by high movement or just flashed at the last second of it> the cooldown will be -50% of it , if it just contacts allied champions and healed them will return 55% of the ability mana to Ethan ##**R2"Catch! II":** after triggering "E II" Ethan's ability gets extra cast range and the orb gets extra destructive range,pull force and damage _______ #**To make things clear:** If you don't get how the chaining and upgrqde and what's power II???,...i understand xD , i made his E as his W at first i made this in a note but replaced it to his E that you can understand it more by visioning ryze,look, if want the Q3 you will need to go Q,E,W , the first Q will be **"blazery"**, then the E will change to **"blazery II"**, then the W will change to **"blazery III"** , same goes if you want the W3 by going , W,E,Q , thr "E" is the corner stone here , if you want to cancle the chane let's say the Q,recast it anytime to end For now that's it stay tooned that i add more cooldown and damage numerals when i get the chance and plz if you had any discussion feel free to leave me a comment , if u want to see the 1st **champion idea** : https://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-creations-en/VaulXeVm-new-champion-idea-adrean-the-vanisher
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