Champion Concept: Luna - Arsenal Mage

Luna Arsenal mage General info: Medium attack range (around 500) Medium low base health & growth Medium base attack & growth Very low attack speed & medium attack speed growth Medium high base armor/magic resistance & growth High base mana & growth Basic Attack: Conjure: bolt (fires a bolt of magic from the fingertips, hand is like you would make a gun with your hand, with two fingers, no thumb up) if attack speed passes a certain point Luna will use both her hands, go even higher and she will no longer lower her hands between each shot P: After Effect Each time she uses an ability it grants her an 'after effect’ the effect depends on the ability, if the after attack hits an enemy that was hit with it’s ability(only that specific ability) within 2.5s it refunds 50% of it’s mana cost {She has no real 'ult', her abilities are like Udyr’s(all basic abilities), only one difference, she has no max level so she can level all her abilities to max level, additional levels past 18 give same stats as all other levels, past 20 the skill points stop} Q: Conjure: Blade Conjures a giant blade above her, recast to throw it in the target direction dealing damage to all enemies it passed through, dealing more damage and applies a amall slow debuff to enemies in the middle of the blade After effect: Swaps your next basic for an attack with a conjured greatsword, the attack deals bonus damage to all enemies in a line in front of you (the attack animation is an overhead slam/cut with the sword) {scales with both AD and AP, deals mixed damage, physical scaling from AD and magical scaling from AP} W: Conjure: Shield Quickly conjures a shield in the target direction that grows in health over the first half second, it blocks all incoming damage from that direction until it breaks, it stops all skillshots, the shield does not follow your movements, it is placed and cannot be passed through If multiple after effects - that cannot be activated at the same time - are active at the same time the one from the first cast ability will go first After effect: Gains a shield (visually on her left arm) that blocks a fairly large amount of damage, decreases quickly over the next few seconds {shield starting health scales with champion base health, shield health gained over .5s is scaled off of total health and increased base health scaling, the after effect shield scales off of max health} {shield width slightly increases per skill level} E: Conjure: Staff Conjures a staff which she quickly grabs to then stick it in the ground, proceed to do a spinning kick around it, reactivate while spinning to jump to the target location, she does a ground slam when landing that deals damage to all enemies in a small area and knocks aside nearby enemies, deals additional damage to- and stuns enemies in the middle After Effect: Next basic attack is replaced with a jab attack that has slightly increased range and pushes the enemy away from you, if they hit a wall they are stunned for a short duration {scales with both AD and AP, deals mixed damage, physical scaling from AD and magical scaling from AP} {Her Q can be cast while jumping to slam down together with the staff} R: Conjure: Scythe Conjure a scythe that slices all enemies in front and pulls them closer to you, deals increased damage based on missing health and heals for a part of the damage dealt, enemies hit will be slowed for a moderate amount decreasing over the next few second After Effect: Her next basic attack quickly conjures a small scythe behind the head of the enemy that then stabs them and reaps some of the damage dealt back to you {heal of the ability itself scales with damage dealt while the after effect heals for a % of own max health increased by % missing health} {cast W during the pull to put the shield behind the enemies, blocking their escape route} {scales with both AD and AP, deals mixed damage, physical scaling from AD and magical scaling from AP} Looks: very light short blue hair, white and black coat (mainly white), when she has enough movement speed she conjures a hoverboard, her abilities are see-through aqua, as if they were colored glass, when the abilities end they scatter as if they were glass and got shattered, while an after effect is active her right eye glows (same color as her weapons) and leaves a trail (like Warwick while his W is active) Lore: While originally from an Ionian family she now lives at an unknown location and is said to have grown up most of her childhood in a Vestayan tribe as she was orphaned at young age, this is also where she learned the first steps to this immense power she wields. Her father died of an unknown disease when she was at a very young age, the disease was rumored to be from void origin. Luna and her older brother lived with her mother for a few years before she went missing without any clue. She spent roughly a year under her older brother’s protection on the streets barely living through each day, this came to an end when they got chased out of their city by guards and were led into the woods where they bumped into a group of Vestaya. The Vestaya raised them and thought them magic. When she got older she got more curious and started searching for more knowledge, this curiosity led her away from the tribe and to all kinds of places. On every new place she’d visit she found new knowledge and was thus able to expand her powers. Her brother’s current location is unknown and she has no contact with him anymore. All that is known is that he wants to discover what caused the disease and disappearance of their parents. That led him on his own path. Both now wandering their own paths they wonder. They wonder if they will ever see each other again, and if so, will they still be allies? Will they still be family? Luna continues to wander her path of knowledge. Her brother continues to walk the path of revenge.
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