Champion - Redirect ultimate projectiles

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Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.
Hello Fellow players. It's great that riot has decided to create such wonderful champions over the year to expand the champion pool. yet I still feel that nothing completely new has been introduced to the League of legends community in terms of champion ability. Taunt or gab abilities has been a majority of champion utility to be honest. New champion* I Wonder if riot can consider making a new champion that has an ability to redirect enemy projectiles like ashe's Arrow, Israels barrage, jinx's rocket. this ability gives players a chance to improve on their detection/reaction skill as they will be using the ability to redirect. The ability can be used to make some plays as the redirection ability gives the player an opportunity to use enemy projectiles to implement damage or stun the opposite team. Basically, you think of it like a game of baseball. lets say for instance the bat is the champion ability, and the ball is the enemy projectile.
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