[Client] Adding Hextech History and Player behaviour improvements?

Hey, I'll try and make it short, I was thinking that with the talk about adding the skins tab where you can see your skin collection and other new features upcomming. I'd like to be able to access some more information about my account if possible. * **Hextech History** I don't know if it's just me but having a history of skins fragments or pulls you have achieved over time would be pretty cool, you can show off your luck to your friends or even realize yourself which skins you got from this system (possibly when too), champions you got through this feature and skins you disenchanted for dust but now maybe want (self loathing ftw). * **Player tips** We all know those player tips at the start of every game, this isn't what I'm talking about. I think it would be a nice feature to check things you've been doing "wrong" even if you didn't get punished for them. We all sometimes say or do things we regret and tilting is a real issue. Being able to have a sort of tab or even website feature that lets you access your behaviour "lvl", lets say you are usually quiet and talk mostly just about tactics and calls for objectives rotations, but one game you lose your cool and whatever happens you get a bit out of line, having something to check (and I don't mean the times you've been reported and for what, those should stay hidden), certain tips riot gives you depending on patterns you have in your reports (for example if you've been reported for spamming 2 times this week, riot gives u a little note, Spamming team mates doesn't help communication, something more elaborate of course). - I think this might at least help me improve certain bad patterns I might have like talking back to people trying to provoke me every now and then and I think it might help other players too. With this I also don't mean having notifactions pop up on the client but more a sort of history where you check tips riot gives you to improve and when, it shouldn't be too hard to implement since riot's report system probably already detects people with infractions (resulting in chat bans), while those check for patterns and check things players who get close to getting infractions, they could also provide some pre-written texts to help people improve without making them tilt or feel worse, also making sure that they didn't step too much over the line but that it's just to help the community improve and make sure it doesn't go further. PS: being able to gift chroma's and hextech boxes or keys would be nice too.. PSS: I'd like to mention that I know the 2nd feature will probably not happen due to having a negative effects on certain players which may result in negative feedback and players getting angry for getting one of these tips (even if it doesn't matter whatsoever since it wasn't an infraction) and then complain on forums and support tickets and what not. Thank you for reading.

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