Conecpts and Creations, Whats the point?

I mean seriously whats the point of the Conecpts and Creations Boards? The champion conecpts are never used 99.9% of the time , this applies to Item ideas , Game Modes and Champion reworks and other game changes. Only once in a blue moon Riot makes a fan conecpt skin that needs to be massively supported by the community and even them most of them dont make it, like only 10% or so... Is this just a public dairy where people go to vent their feelings and ideas , leaving them to never be used or thought about after a few days just sitting in an old forgotten post... I have yet to see a Rioter make any sort of comment on a single post in this Board. There are so many ideas here , some are great and some are not, but still there is so much potential here that is never used. This just seems to be a pleace where ideas go to die....
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