(Skin Concept) Debonair Jinx

There's time for a new Jinx skin for sure. This is an idea that I've had for a long time. Since some champions from Piltover skins has gotten Debonair skins I thought it was time for Jinx to get one aswell. So here you have my concept of Debonair Jinx: http://imgur.com/lzEyeyM I'm not a great artist and I just started drawing on my PC so don't expect anything amazing. Although I'm pretty happy with what I did. I decided to make her have a tie around her head cause she's crazy like that and also some curly hair hanging down. I want her debonair skin to be a little different to the others with stronger colors and crazier clothes since she is pretty much crazier than the other champions from piltover. Her tattoo I decided to be roses and the silverbricks that you can find in Debonair Ezreal and Vi's splash arts. Other than that this was really fun to draw and I hope you like it.
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