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What do you think - Should Riot Release THE YORDLE JUNGLER to League of Legends?
after watching a video made by Jeremy 'Gaming Curios', and reading a comment by the youtuber 'blockhead134' discussing a concept of a yordle 'taming' jungler who protects Bandle City by taming the neutral monsters to aid him in fight, i replied to the comment with some modifications as the original post had some issures. (P.S i have not recieved any information back from blockhead134 whether i can post his idea within my post here, as i have literally just replied to it on youtube and immediately came here. i am mentioning him and making it clear that the concept was originally his and i have just edited it. i dont want to break any ruled for copyright and stuff like that, so i hope im not doing wrong here by posting this. here is the original post along with my reply Oiginal Post on the Youtube Video: Comment made by youtuber: blockhead134 What about an animal charmer? Yordles are supposed to have lighthearted and silly kits. Veigars "dark" magic is based around stars and space and the split personality teemo uses little rotating cartoon mushrooms. A lighthearted jungler could be a small animal who convinces the jungle monsters to fight for him. The reason Bandle City is safe from large predetors? P: Pack Mentality Defeated non-epic neutral monsters follow you for 10 seconds and fight with you Q: Hunter Stance P: Gain 10% movement speed when not visible to enemies. Bonus also applies to monsters under control from your passive A: Become stealthed, draining mana per second and being slowed by 30% when you should be visible to enemies. No actions besides movement can be performed during this stealth. After breaking stealth, you and allied monsters gain 25% movespeed for 2 seconds W: Cant Catch Me Drops caltrops at your feet, slowing and damaging enemies the MOVE through them. Does not interupt other actions. E:One with Nature P: Draws in health from nature, increasing HP regen passively. A: Draws in health more forcefully, damaging enemies and gaining health based on how many enemies were hit R: Aggression Cairomones throws a jar of cairomones at target area, making all enemies hit neutral and enraging all non-champions, making them deal more damage. Enemy champions pose the biggest threat to neutral monsters, and are prioritized in targeting. . . . . . . . . . . . . Edit: ive spaced this out more. i dont see anyone getting confused just yet but i want to make sure people can tell the difference between the original comment posted by blockhead134, and my updated kit posted below by me My Reply (my youtube is OfficialCoey incase anyone was looking for it within the comments of the video) +blockhead134 very cool concept and should definitely be put on the forums to be seen by rioters, but like said above by +TheQu500 , most of the kit is relatively useless on maps without jungle camps which would make the champion nearly unplayable. i like the idea of taming neutral camps but maybe perhaps just summoning some kind of neutral feeling monster to fight instead (not on every ability like yorick, and make it different compared to malzahar so its not just a jungle version of him.) perhaps something like this, (side note, literally thinking of this and making it up on the spot so might be bad but worth a go) P: unseen hunter gains additional movement speed when not seen by enemy champions, towers and minions. (yes inspired by your q passive.) (sidenote, not including wards within this as it would cheat the player into knowing hes on a ward cause he would lose the bonus speed. but if the ward is within range of the champion, maybe extend the vision so u cant gain movespeed by losing vision such as running into bushes or behind terrain) Q: Monster Feed throws a sack of sticky substance on the target location. enemies who walk through this get slowed. if its thrown near a neutral camp, the monsters will get distracted to eat. if an enemy champ is slowed by this ability, and within attack range of the jungle camp, the monster will target that champion because they have disturbed lunchtime. (sidenote, this ability will give the champion ganking ability much like kindreds e, while still playing a part in the jungle as a 'tamer') (another Sidenote, based on the same concept as the ult mentioned above.) W: Hunter/Gatherer P: Gatherer, eats berries he has collected during his travels (not actually collected, no stacking system involved) to increase health regen when out of combat with enemy champions and minions. half effective during combat with neutral monsters. halfed again for epic (sidenote, dont want it to be out of combat entirely cause thats just garens passive. the halfing and halfing again is just an idea for ballancing) A: Hunter, sends a swarm of insects in a target location which damage enemies they pass through. double damage to jungle. (sidenote, probably weak natural scaling to avoid being broken, which wont matter in the jungle as it has double damage anyway, but have good ad/ap scalings (not sure what attribute the champ would be) so that it could scale in the mid-late game once damage has been bought to actually be a decent ability for fights) Edit: after discussing with blockhead134 (who btw has given me permission for this post so yay :D ) the passive of the w ability would probably work better if triggered just when in combat with jungle monsters or perhaps after killing on, to make the trade-of of good jungle sustain but maybe initially being abit squishy and taking damage in the first place. E: Beastly Backup summon a group of wild monsters to aid you in fight. the monsters will not priorities but will do increased damage to enemies afflicted by the q ability, including jungle camps. (sidenote, probably have the focus on target the champion is attacking, similar to heimer turrets) R: One With The Jungle after a breif delay, the champion channels the spirits of the jungle to increase his own power. a ghostly figure (could be an animal like a bear or wolf or something) hovers over the champion, creating a minor damaging ora. when active this ability doubles the passive movespeed and it will not deactivate when in vision. it will also increase the damage output of autos and other abilities including his summoned monsters. (sidenote, im thinking that the champion should be ranged (but short ranged, nothing huge) but when in this form, he goes melee, like hes gone super primal with the monster spirits and is just hitting people, similar concept to sion passive or obviously gnar transformation. but that would be debatable. additionally i think some interaction with a recent killed camp or maybe smited camp would help here. such as maybe if he has the blue buff, the aoe ora damage is increased, and red buff makes his autos do alittle bit more. maybe have kills add additional time to the duration of this ability. and for the ranged to melee thing, maybe use r to toggle it so he can still be ranged (at standard damage to without ult) then toggle it to turn to melee to get the damage increase (all whole in the activation of the ult) alot of boring writing im sure, but i think maybe a mixture of the 2 concepts could be a decent start to the concept. im going to actually post this myself on the forums too, to push the idea forward, but i will add the original post, the video link, and credit to both Jeremy "Gaming Curios" and blockhead134 cause i dont want to be shouted at for not thinking of the idea :) haha. hope this interests someone This is a very ruff basis of the champion. no names, no art, no visual description. just a quick brainstorrm of ideas. if anyone wants to run with the idea and make something of it, you have my permission (might need to clear it with blockhead134 too tho as like i said at the beginning, the original concept is his) sorry for the long as hell writing. kinda just babbling for alot. but if it works then i think it could be a cool idea. . . . . . . . Edit: thanks to a comment made below by 'manickmonkey' i have had time to think about what type of champion he could be attribute wise, not just abilities. i agree with making him a bruiser based champion. but having the idea of the summoned monsters protecting you in fights as a meat shield from enemy skillshots and stuff, wouldnt work for a melee champion except in a running away situation. unless however the melee weapon had range too it, similar to how thresh works. so perhaps making the champions weapon a whip, which would fit unto the tamer theme to be a melee bruiser champion, who still has significant range over other melees would be quite interesting. to add into the ult ability, he could lose the whip for a more primal approach when in ult form as suggested above, losing the range for more damage (i know this concept isnt exactly new, gnar, jayce, nidalee, elise all do the same, but because so many already do it, it wouldnt be a problem to have another in my opinion.)
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