Reworked Mordekaiser skins VFX SUUUUUUCK !!!

Just to make things clear, i'm not complaining about the rework, i'm complaining about the remade skins: So to start of with dragon knight: why is it the same as the base one ? seriusly at least change the colors or just give it the ones of infernal mordekaiser!! why is it green!?! it look cool as hell, but the vfx just ruin every thing !!!! hell you guys could have made the passive look like shivanas W, the Q and W the same as infernal or maybe a bit more blueish (he does represent an elder drak, right ?), and the E make him summon a dragon head insted of a hand, u did this for swain why not for mordekaiser!?! IT'S FREAKING MORDEKAISER HERE !! the infernal ult look great, just copy past that one (one thing about that ult tho, maybe make the stones fall down insted of raising up so they look more like meteors!! they alredy have the colors) {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} the only thing i'll say about this skin is the mace, it doesn't realy feels right, that big squair stone just doesn't fit, you can easly find more fitting maces and hamers in monster hunter world, plz if you can, change it. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} I don't wanna talk about king of clubs and lord mordekaiser, i don't care about them realy, if somone does, just wright it down here or make your own post. P.S: plz give each mord skin his own poro and gitar, you did it for pentakill, plz do it for the rest, and don't you dare say thet isn't any dragon or infernal poro cos i sow his icon !! {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
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