LoL Megaguide preview (How to get better)

Hi everyone I am writing a big guide on how to get better at the game. Not just 10 tips no, a guide for almost everyone and really detailed, for those who wanna climb and work/train for it. I wanted to see if there are many of you who would like to read a guide like that :) I wrote about how its going to work and how you can expect it to be. Would like a feedback on how you like the concept and if you would read it when its finished. Thanks! A League of Legends Guide: How to improve your gameplay and climb the elo ladder Authors note: Please take 2 min to read this and then decide if you want to continue following this guide. This is NOT a 10 min guide with 10 or 20 tips on how to get to gold or platinum or whatever. Because these "miniguides" wont make you climb, they will maybe improve your gameplay a little but not significantly. The reason for this is that you dont do anything. You just get info and dont much with it. This guide will be different, it will be interactive and personalized for a wide spectrum of playstyles, problems and all sorts of things. For everyone who is stuck somewhere this guide will help you get out of there, it wont do alll the work for you of course. You will have to work hard, but I will show you how. This guide will teach who how to avoid deaths as much as possible inorder to get better at LoL. If youre still interested in getting better at LoL knowing you will have to do something for it then go for it and keep reading :) NOTE: Players in elo below Platinum/Diamond will most likely be improving the fastest, the reason for that is explained below. A guide for a guide This guide will have lots of parts with information and tips, every part is divided into 3 sections: Basic: The most important and easiest to understand stuff. Must read for players who arent good at it.Doesnt take much time to learn, high impact on gameplay. Advanced: Small but important bits of knowledge that arent common in elos below Gold/Platinum. Can take long to learn and impact on performance wont be as high as learning basics. Pro: Very small and extremely detailed bits of knowledge that are mostlyveryhard to pick up and master. Can take very long to being executed well ingame and impact is mostly not very high. Also some words or titles are colored to make it easier to decide whether you want to read about it or not. Green=Basic, Blue=Advanced, Purple=Pro Lets get started I was always talking about improving your gameplay. To do that you have to know what to improve and thus know where youre performance isnt very good. To find that out we gotta make some things clear. We lose because we die, you rarely lose games where you went 8/0/8 right? If you die you help the other team and you are more likely to lose. So improving in this guide will all be about dying less. Now to the practical part. Youre gonna go and play 5 games or 10 if you want it to be more accurate. For each time you die you write down the reason you died for and let me be clear: to do this you must be aware that every death is 100% your own fault. Not your jglers not your supports, its you fault. Its not easy to accept his own mistakes (Ive been there to), but if you can then you made a big step in the right direction. You can play ranked or normals you just gotta take the game serious to make this work. Here are pretty much all the reasons why you can die. ⦁ Getting killed by a gank/roam/ getting caught /dived ⦁ Getting killed by lane opponent(s) ⦁ Helping someone who is being chased (or anyway nearly dead, meaning you cant help him) and dying too ⦁ Getting killed in teamfights What now you ask? You start at that part where you died most. After reading what do to in order to get better you should write down what exactly you want to achieve in EVERY serious game you play. With exactly i mean for example: "I wont die more than once by a gank/roam" or "I dont wanna die in teamfights. " How you will be able to do that will be explained. But to improve you need fixed goals for a game you play. After the game you sit down and go through the deaths for your game (hopefully 0). Check if you reached your goal and why or why you didnt make it. If you did: Nice m8! eat a cookie or something you like to reward yourself. If you didnt: Seems like you need to to practice more here, make it better next game :) If you make 8/10 games with your goal reached youve greatly improved. Enough talk now Lets go! To be continued-
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