Cassie & Maizy - ADC Champion Concept (With Pictures) Art by Konservnaya-banka Age: 21 Region Piltover/Zaun Gender: Female Role: marksman Weapon: Revolver pistol (Hextech) Hair: long blonde Eyes: blue Facial features: beauty mark, small facial scar Has a pet dog as part of her kit walks alongside her in-game called Maizy a terrier cross breed Passive: When using an ability that interacts with Maizy gain a small tempory amount of movement speed Q: skill shot - Maizy runs at the enemy champion bites them dealing damage and inflicting grievous wounds W: a Chanel time as Cassie aims her gun for better accuracy next aa is guaranteed to Crit (at 100% Crit chance it deals bonus damage instead) E: gives Maizy a treat costs 5 gold the next q or r hit does bonus damage R: a skill shot if hit Maizy runs to the enemy and holds them in place (roots them) for 3 seconds if the enemy is below a certain amount of health instead of rooting the enemy in place they are executed abilities are just a rough idea if you have any ideas for what they could be let me know in the comments :D Skin ideas; Star Guardian Blue or pink outfit Maizys fur is a bit more fluffy and is pink and blue colours wears a bow with a matching star on it Highnoon Cowgirl style Maizy still a mixed terrier different markings, wears a brown leather collar or a bandana to match Cassie Short bio A Zaunite orphan who used to run with a gang of colourful characters, now living in Piltover after being captured by police and released on strict bail conditions. Cassie now has a goal in life to unite Piltover and Zaun, along with finding her old friends. She has already found Jinx briefly along with Vi, Cassie wants to learn what caused jinx to snap and What she can do to help her. Cassie has met up with Vi who now works for the cops with similar conditions as Cassie, Vi knows of Cassie's goals has agreed to aid her when possible even if it means going behind Caitlyn's back. Maizy is Cassie's dog, a puppy whose mother was killed during the raiding back in Zaun, Cassie found Maizy just hours after their safe house was raided. Lore: Born a Zaunite at a young age her parents passed away from a disease that ran freely through the undercity it killed hundreds of people. Cassie ended up joining a small group of orphaned children one with blue hair another with pink and a young boy as well, the gang ran riot through the streets of Zaun they got into a scrap with a rival gang one day and Cassie took a nasty slash to her forehead leaving a scar behind in years to come she likes to keep it hidden under her fringe. One day the group decided to go cause some havoc in Piltover they wanted to go for different reasons some wanted purely to wind up some snobs others wanted to go for food and Cassie wanted to get some cloth she enjoyed making clothes for herself and her friends. The gang was about to head back to Zaun when cops showed up, they agreed to split up and run they would meet back at their place in Zaun unfortunately for Cassie not knowing the streets of Piltover as well as her friends she ran down a dead end and wound up getting caught by officers, She was then taken to the local station and shoved in a holding cell. At the station a woman had arrived to visit her friend working there as a trolley girl, she walked past the cells and saw Cassie looking rather scared and cold still but a child she spoke to the chief of police and managed to form an agreement to let her take Cassie home and care for her from this day forth. Cassie learned that maybe not all Piltys are stuck up snobs after all. The lady’s name was Annabelle about 32 she took Cassie under her wing teaching her how to read, write and encouraged her to peruse tailoring and managed to get her an apprenticeship at a local dressmaker. Despite the kindness of Annabelle, Cassie felt torn between two worlds she still felt a sense of locality to her friends back in Zaun and still disliked a lot of Piltys who looks down on her for her origins, one day Cassie snuck off back to Zaun in the hope of finding her friends she was felt lonely and unscripted by the people around her though she knew Annabelle loved her, she missed having friends around her everyone but Annabelle looked down on Cassie even the people she worked for. Cassie snuck out of her room in the dead of night and snuck off back to Zaun it had been a few years since she had last been there. Part of the agreement of her freedom was to not return there if caught she would be thrown back in the cells for twice the time she originally faced, but she missed her friends she missed feeling truly part of a family they had run through the streets of Zaun together for years, a bunch of outlaws without guns leaning on one another to survive. Cassie loved Annabelle but she needed to know that the people she saw as siblings were okay. Cassie put up her hood and snuck through the streets keeping away from lit areas she made her way down to where she and her friends used to live. The place was as run down as it was years ago maybe a bit more so now though, It looked like it had been raided very recently, there were bullet holes in the walls and the doors smashed into pieces, Cassie's heart sank she feared the worst, tears started to fill her eyes when she heard a faint whimper from the back room. The door was concealed the people who raided the building didn’t think to check behind the curtains decorating the walls that also helped keep the heat in the building. Cassie shoved the curtains out the way, rattling the handle Cassie's heart had hope return to it she took out her hairpin and carefully picked at the lock an old skill she made sure not to forget. When she managed to open the door the room was abandoned but bricks had been hacked off the wall, stands of colorful hair were floating in the air, it appeared Cassie's friends had escaped. “I’ll find you guys I promise, I’ll let you know I’m alive... I hope you're all okay...” lost in thought Cassie was bought to her senses by a loud yap. She looked down at her feet sat on her shoe was a scruffy little terrier puppy. “What the heck? A puppy?? Where’s your momma?” The puppy danced around her feat yaping then ran off outside "Wait!" Cassie chased after the puppy through the hole her friends had escaped through, She followed the pup to an alleyway at the end was the pups mother already passed from a gunshot. Tears filled her eyes “I’m so sorry puppy there’s nothing I can do for your mum.” She cradled the puppy in her arms, “you won’t survive on your own out here your to little, you will have to come home with me.” Cassie headed back to Piltover keeping the puppy warm under her jacket she knew she was going to have to confess to sneaking off to Annabelle but she hoped that Annabelle would be able to find it in her heart to forgive her. “Cassie time to get up, you need to get ready for work.” Annabelle opened the curtains. Yap! “What the?” The little puppy yapped at Annabelle, “Cassie why is there a puppy on your bed?.. I think you have some explaining to do missy.” Cassie sat up, “I went to Zaun,” her voice shakes as she spoke, “I went to look for my family...” Annabelle shook her head but she didn’t look surprised, she kept her calm, “I knew there was a chance one day you would do that but you know the consequences if you had been caught you would not have seen the light of day for a long time. You are a young woman now I can’t stop you from making foolish decisions... but I can try to protect you from the consequences...” Annabelle unlocked a drawer and pulled out an object Cassie had never seen before. “I’m going to teach you how to use this, it was my mother’s and her fathers before her.” Annabelle handed Cassie a Hextech revolver, “if you are going to return to Zaun you will take this for defense I’ve tried to shelter you from news of the recent travesty’s happening down there but I’m sure you have seen the consequences of peoples actions for yourself now. “Gangs have been fighting, raiding one another innocent people have been caught in the crossfire and paid with their lives and it’s not going to get better any time soon. But I have one rule for you Cassie before you go back there, you must wait, take the time to learn to use this weapon, train this here pup to protect you, Keep up your apprenticeship and finally if you can... help bring peace between Piltover and Zaun if you can succeed in that perhaps the officers won’t lock you away for breaking the terms of your bail. Cassie jumped up and wrapped her arms around Annabelle this was the opposite of how she thought things would go down, “thank you I’ll fulfill your wishes I’ll train and find a way to bring peace. Thank you for everything you have done for me.” From that day Cassie trained whenever she had chance, she became one hell of a shot with that old revolver and as for the puppy she grew up into one hell of a cutie named Maizy, she is highly protective of Cassie and never leaves her side one day a man from Piltover tried to put his hands on Cassie thinking because she was a Zaunite orphan he could do what he pleased with her he lost a finger that day thanks to Maizy. Cassie would search Zaun at night looking for clues as to where her friends had gone sometimes she would wind up getting into trouble due to her lack of sleep causing her to fall asleep at work, more time passed by when one day when she was walking home she heard shouting coming from the zoo she ran over to see what was going on a blue haired girl was running from the scene all the animals had been let loose, Cassie recognized her instantly “Jinx!!!” she ran after the girl “Jinx it’s me! Wait!” Cassie couldn’t keep up but Maizy could she bounded over to Cassie's old friend knocking her if her feat while Cassie caught up. Art by Skinky - Cassie pulled jinx into her feet, “It’s me Cassie, I'm so glad you are okay!” “Cassie?..” jinx remembered the young girl who used to run with her Ekko and Vi years ago but a lot of things had changed since then... flashbacks of the horrors between then and now made jinx made her push Cassie away. “Jinx?” Cassie saw the tears in jinx’s eyes. Jinx started to laugh manically laugh she got to her feet and began sprinting away. Her friend had changed a lot but she Cassie wanted to help her, she wanted to know what happened to her and to the rest of their gang she continued to chase after jinx but was cut off by a female officer with a rather tall hat, “have you seen a blue haired girl we have a warrant for her arrest. Cassie spoke up, “No sorry Officer... Erm, I’m kind of in a rush to get home though my dog needs feeding may I head off?" The officer responded, “Go and don’t get in the way again if you see or hear anything let us know.” Skins lore Pool Party: PoolParty Cassie & Maizy Cassie is training Maizy to save lives, there's always at least one person who thinks it's a good idea to have a swim after drinking more than they can handle. You can often see the pair eating icecreams together. Art by Motto agnar Snowdown: Snowdown Cassie and Maizy A talented seamstress, Cassie received the cutest gift of her best friend Jinx, She called her reindeer pup Maizy, she still can't get her head around why Jinx didn't give her something explosive like she normally would. Art by Trash Muffin:
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