Taric revamp. Frost paladin.

Passive: Frost armor: When Taric is hit by a basic attack. Tarics armor will shatter and shoot shards of sharp ice crystals to the attacker. Dealing 10/15/25 + (2,5% of tarics max health) as magic damage. Q: Healing wave. Passive: Dealing damage to enemy champions stores stacks of healing wave. Max 10 stacks Active: Taric casts a wave of energy that flows trough allies and heals them for: 30 (+ 20% AP) (+ 1% of Taric's maximum health) per stored stack.(max 5 stacks) The wave goes in a straight path and can only turn in a 45 degree angle. Allies that are scattered do not recieve healing. Allies that are in a line or clumped up can recieve the full healing. Allies affected by bastion will throw a second wave of healing that heals for 50% less and go toward the first wave. W: Bastion remains unchanged. E: Crackling frost pulse: Taric smashes hes hammer into the ground and creates a large area of effect frost crack that stuns enemies that are inside the blast for 1.25 seconds and leaves a circle of frost for 3 seconds that slows enemies by 25% (Ally affected by bastion will emanate a frost wind for 3 seconds that slows enemies by 35%) R: Northern blessing: Taric lifts hes hammer upright and a light shines upon taric's allies globally for 1,5 seconds. After 1,5 seconds allies get frost armor passive and 50% damage reduction for 2.5/3/3.5 seconds. Thoughts?
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