Where is the Skin love for some Champions?

Riot, come on guys, i know you pretty much only make Skins for Champions that people play and are popular, but do Miss Fortune, Veigar, Lux, Ahri, Katarina and Akali really need new Skins more than let‘s say Ornn, Ivern, Aurelion Sol, Rumble, Taliyah, Kled any many others. I mean, for comparison, Ornn and Xayah with Rakan were released within the same couple of Months, but while Ornn is still stuck with only his „Thor“ Skin as his alternative Skin choice, both Xayah and Rakan have 4 other Skins to chose from. Even worse, Kai‘Sa was released a year later and even she has 2 more Skins than Ornn! Or what about poor old Kindred? She only has 2 other Skins and her latest one was from 2016. And sure, Ivern got the new Dunkmaster Skin, but almost everyone hates it, since it doesn‘t fit his character or gameplay at all and Candy King has more more detail and love for the character than Dunkmaster. It‘s like if i would‘ve given a Moon based Skin to Leona, or a Draven Skin for Draven, or have an afittional Blood Moon Skin for Aatrox, just be „special“ and different Colors... wait a minute. The point is, guys, if you create new Champ, expect to give them the same love you give the champs that are being more played and are more popular. I mean, for instance, just look at Spirit Guardian Udyr! That Skin is SICK! It even had it‘s own little comic! And of course people are going to start playing Udyr, if he has such an Epic Skin! And now, he even got the Dragon Oracle skin, which means even more people want to try out Udyr now! So if you would give such love to Ornn, Kindred and the other Champs with their Skins, more people would want to play them too!
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