Human Skins suggestions *vote*

Hello, everyone this is the first time I create discussion here.. hope I get ur support by voting for the skins that I suggest below and hopefully some of them would be applied in the game …any way let's get into the point As u can see the topic is about human skins actually I took the Idea from the young ryze skin Let's start with first one is ***(Half Human Hecarim)*** We all knows about the half human half horse legend and i think it would be nice on Hecarim but I suggest him to be GOOOD LOOKING FACE and no armors basically naked chest..for example ***(Human Kindred)*** kindred could be transformed into a girl with silver hair and her wolf into a spirit guy Their masks doesn’t cover all their faces… DAME SAKIMICHAN SO GOOD ***(Human Nami)** * She will be walking like human ..or might be flying with her sea wand like janna the point is she must have legs .. *deal with it* xD when she is recalling she get dizzy then turn back into mermaid and teleport to base Skills: I don't know whatever is good but her ult would be cute if there is mermaids swimming in her wave. Or instead of full human she could be just **half human** buuuuut it won't be special Finally LAST ULTIMATE SKIN IS ***(HUMAN ZAC)*** and he will be exactly like this XD im joking but i thought would be intersting if zac become a rubber man thanks for your attention and would be ma pleasure to read your comment guys c;
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