A couple of skin ideas!

These are just a couple of ideas for skins that have been floating around my head lately. Firstly, for Kayn. A Christmas skin for Kayn would be funny because it is so opposite to his edgy nature. So what about, CandyKayn? Instead of Rhaast can be inside of a giant Candy cane and Kayn himself can wear a christmas hat over his long hair. I think this would be a really fun skin. Secondly, for Jax. Pool Party Jax. To stick with the idea that Jax keeps his face covered, put a full snorkel set over his face and put a bunch of wholes in it. Put him in just some swimming shorts, perhaps some flip flops for those weird Jax feet. His weapon, a paddle. Maybe Jax was sea kayaking or had a little dinghy. His backing animation could be him jumping in to his dinghy and paddling his way back to the fountain. These are both skins that I think would be a lot of fun. Not crazy awesome legendarys or whatever but really clean and funny epic skins. {{champion:24}} {{champion:141}}
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