A screenplay I wrote for League

- I did post this in "Fan Fiction" as well. But I think this is fit to be posted here too. I hope it doesn't count as spam. - Hello fellow summoners! My name is Cedric and I've been playing League for about ten years now (IGN: CedriX#EUW) and have been screenwriting on my own/ studied it for the past four years. When I heard about Arcane - my jaws dropped. Because holy sh*t - working on that is a dream job of mine. I've been into the League lore and the world of Runterra for as long as I've been playing League and know pretty much everything there is to know about it (not how to play the game tho, hardstuck since years back). I don't know how to become a part of the writing staff on Arcane - as Riot don't have any job openings within that category at the moment. But I do know that League's community have done great things. Hopefully, you can help me get my work recognized. But why would you wanna help me with that? Because I think that I can help with creating entertaining, quality stories for you that will blow your mind on screen. To prove that, I'll include a link to an eight page script that I've written for YOU. I've tried to keep it short, action-filled and recognizable. It's a short story about {{champion:245}} (Ekko) in Zaun, breaking into a factory owned by a familiar character you don't want to mess with together with another lost child of Zaun - but it doesn't go as easy as Ekko think it will. Please, let me know what you think! And I'm happy to answer any question regarding the script. Much love, Cedric

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