Draft Racing in Summoner's Rift

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_The objective of this gamemode is running through the jungle to die in the enemy fountain and preventing the enemies from dying in your fountain at the same time. Managing to die in the enemy fountain will give your team 1 point and the first team reaching a total of 10 points wins. Every player will also have a specific role: **Runner**, **Defender** or **Roamer**_ Before starting, everyone will go to lane and farm minions until reaching level 6. •When you reach level 6 you have to back immediately and wait for others •Time limit to get level 6 is 8:00, after that you have to back anyway •During this time you can't attack enemy champions and turrets --- #_**The Roles**_ _There will be 2 Runners, 2 Defenders and 1 Roamer in every team_ **Runner:** Your job is to score points by dying in the enemy fountain, you are not allowed to attack the enemy at all unless you are in the enemy base **Defender:** Your job is to prevent the enemy Runners from dying in your fountain, you can't walk into the river and beyond **Roamer:** Your job is to catch enemies off guard in the jungle, you are the only one that can kill the Scuttle Crab and take Drakes, you can't go in the enemy base _(The roles will be decided in the lobby/champion select)_ --- #_**Rules**_ •**You can't go in the lanes, you can only pass through mid lane** to change jungle side without stopping •You can't kill minions or turrets and you can't leech XP from them •You can't farm jungle _(Roamers are allowed to kill Scuttle Crab and Drake)_ •You can use wards and jungle plants •**A point is given to the team of whoever manages to die in the enemy fountain after getting hit by the laser** •Every role/rule has to be respected, otherwise a point can be subtracted •The losing team has to surrend --- **PRE-BANNED CHAMPIONS: {{champion:432}} Bard {{champion:80}} Pantheon {{champion:13}} Ryze {{champion:223}} Tahm Kench {{champion:163}} Taliyah {{champion:4}} Twisted Fate** --- **BANNED ITEMS: {{item:1082}}{{item:3041}} The Dark Seal** and **Mejai's Soulstealer {{item:3056}} Ohmwrecker {{item:3512}} Zz'Rot Portal** --- **SUMMONER SPELLS: {{summoner:12}} Teleport** is banned **{{summoner:11}} Smite** can only be used by _**Roamers**_ _**Have fun!!!**_ {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} **LoL Custom Game Modes** Discord server: **https://discord.gg/vYTN6yd**
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