[Character Concept] Tek the Unlikely Hunter

Hi guys - today I want to share with you all an idea I had for a new Marksman. _**Tek the Unlikely Hunter**_ **Visuals** Tek is a young child, slightly bigger than Annie, smaller than ekko. He would look quite aboriginal or "native" (think like, loincloth war paint and a bone in his hair, or the blue things from avatar). White facepaint across his eyes, arms, and legs. Tek doesn't speak much and his personality is rather solemn and he acts as a "lone wolf". **Lore** Tek was abandoned as a child in the forests of Runeterra as a baby, his parents are unknown. A tribe of Vastayans were hunting that day and came across the baby when they heard his cries, they decided to take him with plans of using him as bait for wolves or other easy prey, however when getting to their camp, they decided this would be too cruel, even for merciless hunters, and agreed to care for Tek until he was old enough to survive on his own. For his fifth birthday Tek was given a slingshot - a joke from the vastayans thinking a human never become a true hunter... How they were wrong... The tribe took Tek out on their next hunt. As part of their age old rituals, on a childs' fifth birthday he is given the honour of having the first kill of a hunt, the target being whatever prey first appears. After hours of hunting, the band came across a large boar, its tusks the size of Tek's arms, and its fur as stout as the trees that surrounded them. The Vastayans laughed to themselves, thinking this would be the last day they had to feed the "worthless hunter". A hunter pushed Tek out of the bush, startling the boar. The boar squealed as it turned round to weigh up its opposition, grunting and slamming its trotters down to intimidate Tek. And so the fight begun. The Hunters' thoughts were true, and the fight was over almost as fast as it had begun, however it was not the result they had foreseen. Tek's aptitude and precision with the cheap toy became immediately clear when he calmly knelt down, picking up a smooth pebble and, throwing it lightly, judged its weight. He raised the loaded slingshot to his eyelevel, and closing one eye, drawn it back, the boar saw this change of threat and began to charge at Tek, and with a deafening _"thwack"_, the boar collapsed to the floor, its skull shattered by the pebble, landing precisely between the beasts eyes. The group was stunned into silence, broken by nothing more than the ambient noises of the animals in the forest. After a lengthy pause one of the vastaya offered Tek his knife to claim a trophy - the boars tusk, which Tek carries with him hung at his neck. The rest of the hunt was filled with jubious laughter, with the occasional individual apologising to Tek for their misjudgement, and, at the end of the day, as the tribe had promised, Tek was sent away from the tribe as he was now capable of surviving on his own, The Hunters humbled by Teks performance. For the next two years Tek survived on his own, without anyone to guide him he created his own ways of surviving, until being called upon the summoners rift to hone in on his skills. **Abilities** Passive - _Forager_ -: Tek uses his survival knowledge to search for food. Berries spawn nearby that heal Tek for a small portion of his health (think thresh souls) Q - _Barrage_ : Tek loads up his slingshot with multiple rocks and fires them to deal damage to enemies in an area (similar animation to varus' E, but with hit cone of yoricks E) W - _Steady Aim_ : Tek stands still briefly to aim at an enemy champion before shooting, dealing missing HP% damage (procs on hit effects) E - _Humble Trainee (passive)_ : Although Tek has developed his own fighting style, he still knows he has a lot to learn. Tek passively gains a (0.5/1.0%/1.5%/2.0%/2.5%) damage increase for each ally that he is near (capped at 3 allies) R - _Hunting in a Pack_ : Tek seemed from the start to naturally be good at hunting. For the duration of the ultimate, Tek gains (20%/30%/40%) attack speed, and the passive from his E is doubled. What do you think guys? Im completely open to changes, and obviously I haven't added in all the numbers - ill leave that to someone who isn't as dumb as me lol. Thanks for reading! hopefully a riot member could give me their opinion!
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